Dr Oz: Hoop Earrings vs Stud Earrings, Brandy, Curling Iron, & Stereo

Dr Oz did a segment called “Was It Better Back Then?” to answer if products were better in the 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, or now.  Doctor Oz had four Assistants-Of-The-Day for the first time ever too!  What do you think is better for you in each of these categories: hair curlers vs curling irons, brandy vs vodka, stereo vs earphones, and hoop earrings vs stud earrings.

Dr Oz: Curling Iron vs Hair Curlers: 1950’s

Dr Oz’s assistant said that her favorite part of the 1950’s was seeing Elvis Presley and all of the firsts – like color television.  When she met her husband, her hair was up in rollers and wrapped in a scarf, because women Dr Oz Was It Better Back Thenused to sleep with hair curlers in.  Dr Oz asked which is better for your health: the hair curlers of the 1950’s or the curling iron that we use now?  Dr Oz said that hair curlers are worse for you because the pull at your roots and damage your hair, plus they make you get a worse night sleep and often cause headaches.  A curling iron is the way to go!

Dr Oz: Brandy vs Vodka: 1960’s

Dr Oz’s assistant of the day said that she missed her youth from the 1960’s and loved going on dates, going to parties, and drinking socially.  Dr Oz said that the most popular drink in the 1960’s was brandy and his assistant said that she loved Brandy Alexanders – which are a delicious alcoholic drink that taste like an ice cream soda.  Today, the liquor of choice is vodka.  Which is better for your health: brandy or vodka?  Dr Oz said that brandy is better because it is high in antioxidants and protects against heart disease and cancer.  The rich color of brandy is a sign that it is packed with antioxidants.

Dr Oz: Stereo vs Earphones: 1970’s

Dr Oz’s assistant of the day said that from the 1970’s she loved the Jackson Five and Earth, Wind and Fire.  She loved listening to music on stereos, but now most people use earphones.  Which is better for your health: earphones or a stereo?  Dr Oz said that a stereo is safer because you get more hearing loss from earphones, which boost the sound and is like the difference between listening to a vacuum cleaner and a motorcycle.  Dr Oz said that if you are going to use earphones, limit yourself to one hour a day and do not listen at a volume over 6 out of 10 which is a little over half way turned up.

Dr Oz: Stud Earrings vs Hoop Earrings: 1980’s

Dr Oz’s assistant of the day said that she loved the outrageous fashion, the big hair, big heels, neon colors, and fun accessories and jewelry from the 1980’s.  Dr Oz said that the hoop earrings from the 1980’s are worse for your health than stud earrings which are popular today.  Hoop earrings are heavy, can stretch out your earring hole, and even scar or infect your ears.  You do not want hoop earrings that are more than an inch down. Plus, nothing is more classically beautiful than pearl stud earrings in my book!

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