Dr Oz: Horse Chestnut Extract For Swollen Ankles: Lymph Nodes


Dr Oz Lymph Nodes & Lymphatic System

Dr Oz: Swollen Ankles & Puffy Face

Dr Oz discussed the question he gets asked often: why am I so darn puffy?  It turns out that your body has a system (the Lymphatic System) for clearing away excess fluid, like your house has gutters to lead rain water away.  Doctor Oz and his Assistant-Of-The-Day Tracy, from seat 32, spoke all about Lymph Nodes and remedies for swollen ankles and a puffy face!  Click here to read another Dr Oz recap from a different segment where he spoke about Swollen Ankle Remedies: Dr Oz Cankles.

Dr Oz: Lymph Nodes & Edema

Dr Oz said that you have Lymph Nodes all over your body: in your upper arms, legs, your sides, your feet, etc.  Lymph Dr Oz EdemaNodes are like the garbage collectors that take away extra blood that escapes from your blood vessels and goes into your tissues.  Lets say that you stand-up for a long time and it causes your ankles to swell, why does this happen?  Well, your Lymph System is in charge of sucking up extra fluid, but if your tissues gets totally saturated with excess liquid then your Lymph Nodes cannot keep up.  This is why your doctor will push on your tissue if you are swollen, and if it stays pressed in, you likely have Edema.

Dr Oz: Salt Causes Swelling

Dr Oz said that salty foods can cause swelling and water retention in your body.  The average American eats twice the salt that they should have.  Dr Oz suggests having up to 1500 mg of salt (which is about 1 tsp of salt) every day.

Dr Oz: Horse Chestnut Extract for Swelling

Dr Oz said that Horse Chestnut Extract limits the blood that can leak from your blood vessels into your tissue, and it has been shown to work in clinical trials to help with swelling.  Dr Oz and his Assistant-Of-The-Day both tasted a big dropper of the Horse Chestnut Extract, and neither one seemed particularly in love with the taste.  But if you have swollen ankles, it might be worth trying out at least!  Another option is to eat 1 cup of yogurt with sliced bananas, because the potassium helps to minimize swelling and water retention.


  1. john says

    My mother in law has had a problem with an extremely large swollen belly , she looks 9 months premnant ,yet she is not over weight , when we saw your show it clicked that this maybe her problem .Could you please direct me to some more info on the liver or heart issues that may be causing this so she can speak to her doctor as they have been totally baffled by the problem

  2. Perri Canady says

    thank you for covering this subject…..for years I have suffered with swollen feet, ankles and legs and a doctor years ago told me it was systemic, and was a faulty lymphatic system, and my physicians since him have all been concerned (I am obese now) that it was my heart, but fortunately, as yet, my heart is o.k……my BP has risen in the last year or so (I am 58), but other than that, the swelling only subsides if I elevate my feet as high as possible in the evenings (like that dr told me yrs ago)….within 15 minutes I gotta run to the restroom to pee, so if I don’t do this, I am up and down all night long getting shed of excess fluids…stiffness of the knees has gotten worse the last couple of years, so I will try the horse chestnut & let you know how well it works….I take HCz for my blood pressure, which is like a water pill mostly, but I have to take it by noon, or else I am up all night worse than ever….it’s all a vicious cycle.

  3. ashley jones says

    my right ankle is swollen and it is just the right one not the left one and i have had hodgkins lymphthoma and i am concerened about it very much do u have any ideas on what it could be and can you let me know it would be greatly appreciated

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