Dr Oz: Hot Flash Treatments: Keishi Bukuryo Gan & Chilled Pillow


Doctor Oz did a segment called “Hot Flash 101” to teach everyone about the number one complaint of Perimenopause: hot flashes.  Dr Oz said that 75% of the people watching his show today will have experienced hot flashes at some point. But have no fear, Dr Oz has three ways to manage hot flashes including a Japanese tea named Keishi Bukuryo Gan, Chilled Pillows and Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERM).  Dr Oz Keishi Bukuryo Gan Japanese Tea

Dr Oz Hot Flash 101

Dr Oz said that hot flashes during Perimenopause occur because your eggs begin to shrivel up and make less hormones, so your hypothalamus (a portion of your brain) sends chemicals out which makes your heart beat faster and makes your blood vessels dilate, which is why you feel a hot flash sensation.

Dr Oz’s Hot Flash Treatments

1. Keishi Bukuryo Gan: Japanese Tea

Dr Oz said that Keishi Bukuryo Gan means cinnamon mushroom root and is used in Japan to prevent hot flashes.  Dr Oz said there were studies done in America that also found that Keishi Bukuryo Gan was affective for treating hot flashes.  You can get a box for $8, according to Dr Oz’s note during the show, and it tastes just like regular tea.

2.  Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM)

Dr Oz said that Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMS) are an over the counter medicine that is based on a natural soy derivative.  However, Dr Oz did say to double check with your doctor before taking this to be sure there won’t be any dangerous drug interactions.

3.  Chilled Pillow

I am totally going to have to get one of these!  Dr Oz showed a Chilled Pillow that you fill up with cold water and can put in the fridge even.  It is soft and can be used just like a pillow… it is the pillow equivalent of a water-bed!


  1. V. says

    Does anyone have any idea of what the brand name is or where I go to purchase one? All I have been able to find is Mediflow Water Pillows and they are not what he was referring to.

  2. Kimberly says

    Where can I get the Keishi Bukuryo Gan tea for $8? I paid big bucks for it on the Internet, then read that Dr. Oz says you can get it for $8.

  3. Doris Frodemeyer says

    Kimberly, you are lucky you have found keishi bukuryo gan tea on the net, even for big bucks. I have only found tablets and powders, which don’t claim to help with anything like hot flashes. On top of that I have researched just about every reasonable sized Asian grocery store in Los Angeles County and they have never heard of the stuff. If it’s not available in L.A., I have to doubt that the “$8” sweeping statement was properly researched. Can someone please tell me if they have managed to find any?

    I’m a great fan of Dr. Oz, but this kind of frustration does nothing for HOT FLASHES!!

  4. says

    I have also not been able to find Keishi Bukuryo Gan Tea ANYWHERE… sorry everyone, but I will keep searching. If someone finds it, please let us know where! Also, regarding the chilled pillow, I have not found the exact one Dr Oz showed but here is a similar one: Chillow Cooling Pillow Insert

  5. Yvonne Dorsey says

    Dr. Oz or staff please respond, I called my local health food store & researched the net & cannot find the tea mentioned on your show or the pillow. Help, just had another hot flash, it’s so hard to work like this.

  6. Doris Frodemeyer says

    I asked a top concierge service to see if they could find it – no joy! So, I somehow feel we won’t hear from Dr. Oz or his staff, to put us out of our misery.

    I really do think it was irresponsible to set up so many hot flash sufferers like this!

  7. says

    Yvonne, our site is not affiliated with Dr Oz, and even though we would LOVE for Dr Oz to be a frequent visitor to our site, I somehow doubt that he is. So it is not likely that Dr Oz or his staff will respond here. I live near NYC though, so I plan to visit china town soon and see if that helps me on the quest to finding the tea. I’ll keep you posted!

  8. says

    Keishi-bukuryo-gan, a traditional formula made up of four herbs and a mushroom, is widely used in Japan for treatment of perimenopausal hot flashes. It is available there only by prescription, but you can buy a variant of it in the United States over the counter as H25.

  9. V. says

    Thank you for the reply Admin, the “Chillow” you mentioned is what I bought as that is all I could find. They only cost $24. on ebay.

  10. says

    Great information Linda! I did a quick search for H25 and could not find any tea form of that either. Has anyone else had luck? I did find a pill form of H25 though.

  11. theresa says

    please let me know some sites that i could order the tea for hot flashes. One sit said it was out of stock and did not know when it would be avaiable. please hel0 i need that tea… thanks theresa

  12. Debora says

    Dr.Oz-I am having a hotflash right now! I was not happy to be teased by Dr.Oz regarding the Japenese tea, that can not be found any where. Why talk about a product that gives relief without making sure his viewers can purchase it?

  13. Kimberly says

    Thanks for the info. I have checked all the asian markets in my area, and there is a huge one, but they don’t know what I’m talking about. The largest, is mainly Japanese, and they just tell me it sounds like a Chinese thing (which is funny, because it is Japan where it is widely used). I have even asked my holistic doctor, who is a very experienced, highly regarded, and published holistic doctor – he does not have it. I agree, this does nothing for hot flashes. After reading the studies, I would really like to be able to buy it. The concoction I bought online, is backordered, and it doesn’t specifically say it’s a tea… it is Keishi Bukuryo Gan that you mix with water.

  14. Kimberly says

    … it is sold over the counter as H25… where? GNC? I checked, they don’t carry it. The Asian markets don’t know what it is. Is there a national chain that carries it? I live in the Detroit area.

  15. Kimberly says

    Keep in mind that Dr. Oz did say he recommends you talk to your doctor before taking a SERM, especially if you are taking other medications.

  16. says

    Does this tea keishi bururyo gan really work on night sweats? I am on hormorne replacement therapy & have been for 11 years now. When i go off of the hormornes, within 30 days I have terrible night sweats. i can sleep for 3 hours a night, then after that I get night sweats every hour on the hour until 7 or 8am in the morning. Where can I buy this tea & does it really work? I do not want to spend money on something that won’t work. Thanks.

  17. says

    does this tea really work? I am on hormorne replacement therapy & have been for 11 years. When I go off the hormones, I can sleep at night for 3 hours, then I wake up with terrible night sweats every hour on the hour until 7 or 8am. I don’t wanna spend money on something if it doesn’t work. I live in Phoenix, AZ. thanks

  18. mary says

    I can’t find the tea either!!! I am in the Dallas area and no one can help me find it….very frustrating. Please help!

  19. says

    Menopause is a very delicate condition and acknowledging that not just one treatment will fix every woman’s condition is the first step in finding the personalized solution to take care of yours. The symptoms of menopause have many factors to take into consideration. It is important to pin point what your individual symptoms are and to try to find out what triggers your symptoms the most. With the help of Chinese menopause herbal antidotes, you can help your kidneys function properly. It is said that the female’s kidney lends a huge hand in the ability to give birth, and to help keep your reproductive organs healthy. When you went through puberty, an increase in kidney chi happened by a burst of blood flowing to the uterus. During your child bearing years, your kidneys will help keep the right amount of blood flowing to your reproductive organs, however, the flow of blood will decrease as you grow older. The symptoms from menopause come about when this happens and your kidneys lose the right amount of chi. This causes an imbalance in your inner chi.

    There is also another realization for the menopausal symptoms that you experience. Traditional Chinese Medicine states that women put up with a lot of stress, lack of healthy meals, and not enough physical activity. Due to these items, our chi is thrown off and in turn has a hard time passing through the meridians. When our chi is blocked, the body cannot stabilize itself properly. This is Traditional Chinese Medicine’s explanation as to why female’s must suffer through the symptoms of menopause, such as the horrid night sweats and frustrating hot flashes.

    Luckily, blockages and imbalance of our chi can be fixed by adjusting a few things in our lives, such as, eating better, herbal therapy, acupuncture, and qi gong. Traditional or regular Chinese menopausal herbs were not created to take care of hot flashes. They are created to take care of the whole individual. The prescriptions for Chinese herbal remedies will depend upon the individual symptoms that you have but the Chinese herbs I have listed below are the building blocks of Chinese herbal remedies for menopausal symptoms.

    –Menopausal Relief With Using China Root: This root is filled with knobs and irregular joints and is available in two types of China Root and can be bought at all Chinese Herbalist Shops. The first type of China Root is the best kind and looks paler in color and harder in texture than the other one. It derives from the oriental climber plant; Smilax China Linn. It is grown with red berries and has circular prickly stalks. The second type of China Root derives from the oriental plant; Smilax Pfeudo-China Linn. It has a smoother textured stalk and has black berries. Neither has any specific taste or smell, however, this is a very potent herb to heal night sweats, hot flashes, and mood swings. This is usually consumed through chewing or in tea form, but many forms of this remedy is an extract placed into a capsule type pill.

    –Menopausal Relief With Using Chinese Bupleurum Root: The translation of this root from Chinese dialect is “Kindling of the Barbarians”. This root was first talked about in a 2,000 year old Chinese Medicinal Text and is said to be on the most imperative herbs within Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is a very powerful herb as it is known to remove the stagnate chi within the body. It works even better when used in combination with certain other herbs. It really helps your liver. Most of all menopausal remedies will include this root as without it the anti-microbial activities and harmonizing actions are way too important to leave out.

    –Menopausal Relief With Using Chinese Licorice Root: This herb is also a very important one and is known as the “grandfather of all herbs”. Its functions include eliminating the body of toxins and poisons as well as helping other herbs consumed to penetrate and cleanse better. This is essential to get your chi on the right flow. Keep in mind that Chinese Licorice Root differs from Western Licorice Root. The Chinese Licorice Root is used to energize and calm the body while the Western Licorice Root can cause nervousness. It is important to check your herbal remedy to make sure you have the Root that is grown within the northern region of China.

    Please keep in mind that although these are herbs, it is still very important to talk to your doctor or acupuncturist regarding the use of these herbs and all other natural forms of relief.

  20. Robin Thomas says

    Keishi Bukuryo Gan (also spelled keishibukuryogan) translates to “Cinnamon Mushroom Tablet” and it is the tablet form that women use in Japan.

    Keishi Bukuryo Gan is also known by the alternative names: Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan, Kuei Chih Fu Ling Wan, and Cinnamon and Poria Tea Pills.

    If you do a search for any of these alternate names, you should not have a problem finding the tea or the tablets.

  21. Lorriane says

    Do this tea really work? Have anyone actually tried it and can testify that it help get rid of hot flashes and night and day sweats.

  22. Ana says

    Dishi Bukuryo Gan or Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan (in Chinesse) helps me with hot flashes. I actually started taking it because it helps period pain/ endo/pain but the first thing I noticed was that the very first night I took it my hot flashes where almost gone! I great “side effect” that I wasn’t expecting. Plus is super cheap, you can’t go wrong if you at least try it.
    Just my experience.

  23. says

    It took me a long time as well, but I found these two websites (Eagle Herbs) and Forrest Health they sell keishi bukuryo gan
    I cannot find any for $8.00 but if it works I don’t mind the $16.00 or $25.00 moreover before I found these websites all the other sites just showed me books. I am going to order this week. Hope this info helps someone.

  24. says

    I tried Keishi burkuryo gan at Forrest Health, it didn’t seem to work at all.
    I don’t plan on trying it again. Please note that Forrest Health will not refund your money.

  25. Grace Beam says

    I could only find the website as well and it was too expensive. However, Black Cohosh as tea or herbal supplement also alleviates hot flashes and has other properties of the Japanese tea. Found in most vitamin/herbal stores. I ordered 24 tea bags from Amazon for just over $4. Hopefully some enterprising website will start getting it for resale. But it’s not the only natural method that helps. Research the cautions. I used to take to help premenopausal hot flashes. Now I had to stop my hormone patch and want to go back to a natural method of hot flash control.

  26. julie Thomas says

    I’ve tried the Black co-hash in many forms did not help hot flashes. Hormone Activela worked great but ran up BP.
    I,m 53 was on birth control till 51 then the dr. took me off, then came the hot flashes from hell, arthritis in all my joints and moody. Sex hurt like hell…..No period for 15 months to prove I was full menopause .
    Finally I ordered Birth control from Canada(no prescription required) 7 days later relief all symptoms gone. BP went up again but I was normal again !!!!! After 8 months I quit Birth control again to see if menopause was gone, nope 2 months later I dying again (hot flashes). Wish I could find something that works and want run your blood pressure up…

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