Dr Oz: Housewives of Detroit Diet & Weight Loss Tips: Kim, Tricia & Kerri

By on May 18, 2010

Doctor Oz brought on three Housewives of Detroit four months ago: Kim, Tricia and Kerri, and they have all lost over 30 pounds!  These housewives wanted to get in better shape and have beach ready bodies to go on a girl’s vacation.  Their progress in four months was truly amazing!  Did you see how amazing Kerri looked in her red bikini?  You go girl!  Dr Oz seemed totally impressed!  They said that it is important to plan meals in advance and portion out all of your meals so that you don’t overeat.  Of course, you must exercise as well.  Two of them have now run their first 5k.  All of them said it is never too late to start, so lets not wait one more day!  Start today!  All of Doctor Oz’s fans like us must stick together to support each other.Housewives of Detroit

Housewives of Detroit Truth Tube

Kim said that she plans everything from food to exercise.  She even sleeps in her workout clothes so that she does not have an excuse in the morning.  Kim lost 64 pounds and her waist went from 52″ to 42″

Kerri’s BMI went from 31 to 26, but the best proof was really how amazing she looked in her bikini!

Tricia said the most important thing is to not give up on yourself.  Her blood pressure went from 130/90 to 110/80.

Housewives of Detroit Fat Blasting Secrets:

Purse Food Cooler

Kim found the cutest lunch tote that looks like a handbag, so that she would feel glamorous carrying her lunch to work!

Heaven in A Bowl – Chocolate Oatmeal

Kerri makes what she called “Heaven in a Bowl” which is a bowl of steel cut oatmeal with 2 pieces of dark chocolate, a little skim milk and some cranberries.  Delicious!

Butterfly Chicken Breast

Tricia now flattens and butterfly’s her chicken breast before cooking and serving it.

Dr Oz is sending them on a girl’s getaway to Riviera Maya in Mexico, courtesy of Apple Vacations!  Lucky ladies!  Maybe one of these days Dr Oz will decide to send his biggest fan (moi!) on a vacation…  hint… hint… (haha it never hurts to try! Maybe Dr Oz will start reading our website!  I can always dream!)

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