Dr Oz: How Clean Is You Hotel Room & Bed Bugs + Airplane Air


Dr Oz: Hotel Cleanliness

Before you head out on your next vacation, there’s a few things Dr Oz wanted you to know. He began by sharing a picture that went viral of a note one vacationer found when they went to cuddle up in bed at a hotel. They pulled the note out from between the sheets and read “If you’re reading this, then house keeping did not change your sheets.”

That post made Dr Oz want to know just how clean hotels really are. Anthony Melchiorri is a 20-year veteran of the hospitality business and blows the whistle on dirty hotels. On his travel channel show, Hotel Impossible, he exposes the truth about what hotels don’t want you to see. Dr Oz sent his medical team to swab areas in two hotel rooms, one at a relatively cheap hotel, and then again at a more pricey hotel.

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