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Dr Oz How Healthy Are You Quiz

By on January 4, 2011

Dr Oz did a show to answer the question we all think about, especially at the beginning of a new year – How Healthy Are You?  Doctor Oz said that he spent the past month assembling a group of the best physicians in America to create a national quiz to assess our health.  By taking Dr Oz’s How Healthy Are You Quiz, you can forecast your health in 2011 and beyond.  Is this the year that you will get sick?  Is it possible you may have to go to the hospital? Could you even die?  Dr Oz said that there are very few surprises in medicine and that your body gives you warning signs, but you must be able to recognize them.  The Dr Oz How Healthy Are You Quiz is so important and has the potential to save many, many lives – so please make sure to pass on this article to all of your friends and loved ones!

Dr Oz’s How Healthy Are You Quiz:

Answer the following questions, and write down the number of points that you get for each of the questions below.  At the very end of the quiz, you will add up all of the points and check the chart below to determine how healthy you are. How Healthy Are You Quiz

Dr Oz Health Quiz: 1. Do You Wake More Than Twice a Night?

If you answered yes, add one point.  If you answered no, add no points.

Dr Carol Ash, a Sleep Medicine Specialist, said that you need 7-9 hours of sleep every night.  If you do not get enough sleep, you go into Sleep Deprivation mode which can lead to obesity, accidents and impairs your immune system and your critical thinking abilities.  Dr Ash told Dr Oz that it is similar to depriving your body of oxygen – sleep is a necessity to function!

Dr Oz Health Quiz: 2. Have You Skipped Your Pap Smear for the Last 3 Years?

If you answered yes, add two points.  If you answered no, add no points.

Dr Evelyn Minaya, a gynecologist at Riverview Medical Center, said that Cervical Cancer is preventable.  If you do not have a Pap Smear annually, you do not have the chance to pick up on pre-cancerous cells.  You can completely eradicate your chances of getting Cervical Cancer, so please make an appointment with your obgyn today if you are behind in getting pap smears.

Dr Oz Health Quiz: 3. Do You Think About Your Partner Less Than Once a Day?

If you answered yes, add two points.  If you answered no, add no points.

Dr Oz Health Quiz: 4. Have You Ignored the Skin Between Your Toes?

If you answered yes, add two points.  If you answered no, add no points.

Dr Jeanine Downie said that you can find melanoma all over your body, even in between your toes.  Have a dermatologist check all of your skin once a year and do not use tanning beds because they increase your chance of having a Melanoma by 75%.  Also, when you do a self inspection, keep in mind the ABCDE’s of Melanoma:

Dr Oz: ABCDE’s of Melanoma – Warning Signs

A = Asymmetry

B = Border

C = Color

D = Diameter

E = Elevated

If any of these change about a mole or you have a new spot that shows up and has these features, please see a dermatologist immediately.

Dr Oz Health Quiz: 5. Do You Have Trouble Remembering the Last 5 Presidents?

If you answered yes, add two points.  If you answered no, add no points.

Dr P. Murali Doraiswamy, a psychiatrist and author of Alzheimer’s Action Plan, said that this question is a great way to test your memory back 20-25 years.  If you could never remember the last 5 presidents, you are either not good at keeping up with current events or had a bad teacher!  However, if you were always good at history and now cannot remember the last five presidents, then this could be an early sign of Alzheimers Disease.  For those of you who are curious, the last five presidents include Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush and Ronald Reagan.

Dr Oz Health Quiz: 6. Do You Miss Bowel Movements Some Days?

If you answered yes, add three points.  If you answered no, add no points.

Dr Robynne Chutkan, a gastroenterologist, said that having a bowel movement is the ultimate detox that gets rid of bacteria and toxins.  If the stool stays in your colon too long, it is exposed to toxins for longer than is optimal.  Infrequent bowel movements is also a sign of an underactive thyroid and Colon Cancer.  In countries with high fiber diets (40 grams of fiber or more a day), Dr Chutkan told Dr Oz that people have bowel movements the size of her head a few times a day.

Dr Oz Health Quiz: 7. Do Your Gums Bleed When You Brush Your Teeth?

If you answered yes, add three points.  If you answered no, add no points.

Jonathan Levine, a Cosmetic Dentist, said that if you allow plaque to build up, your gums can bleed when you brush your teeth.  This plaque build up can increase your risk of stroke, memory loss, and cardiovascular health issues.

Dr Oz Health Quiz: 8. Has the Smell of Your Breath Changed Recently?

If you answered yes, add ten points.  If you answered no, add no points.

Dr Oz said that bad breath can be a warning sign of serious problems.  Other than indicating bad dental hygiene, bad breath can indicate Liver Disease because ammonia builds up and causes sour breath.  Dr Oz explained that the bacteria in your intestines digests food and give off ammonia during this process.  The ammonia goes to the liver where it is supposed to be digested into urea.  However, if your liver has a problem, the ammonia won’t get digested and it will go to your lungs instead, giving your breathe a sour smell when you exhale.

If you have Diabetes, you can get fruity breath.  So, the change in odor of your breath says important things about your health, including the possibility of Liver Disease or Diabetes. 

Dr Oz Health Quiz: 9. Have You Gone Up More Than 2 Pant Sizes in the Last 5 Years?

If you answered yes, add ten points.  If you answered no, add no points.

Dr David Katz, Director and Co-Founder of Yale University Prevention Research Center, said that a man’s waist should generally be under 40″.  If you go up one pants size as a woman, you probably have gained around 10 pounds.  Not only does this generally imply that you are gaining weight around your middle, it also means that you are increasing your risk for Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Syndrome, which are both major risk factors for getting Diabetes.

Dr Oz Health Quiz: 10. Have You Fainted or Come Close to Fainting Recently?

If you answered yes, add ten points.  If you answered no, add no points.

Dr Oz said that if you have fainted or come close to fainting recently, it can be a Heart Arrhythmia which causes your heart to beat too fast or too slow.  When your heart beats, it pumps blood up to your brain but, if you have irregularities in your heart beat, then it does not pump blood to your brain regularly.  You must go see a doctor for this, because the first time can be your one and only warning sign of a major health risk.  If you wait until the next time, you could die.  Please do not take this lightly.

Dr Oz Health Quiz: 11. Have You Unintentionally Lost More Than 10 Pounds in 6 Months?

If you answered yes, add fifteen points.  If you answered no, add no points.

Dr Marissa Weiss, the founder of BreastCancer.org said that cancer cells are overactive and greedy so they often steel energy from your regular cells and make you feel lousy and less interested in food.  Unintentional Weight Loss can also be a sign of an Overactive Thyroid or Depression.  It is important to see a doctor to have it checked out.

Dr Oz How Healthy Are You Quiz Results

Now that you have taken the How Healthy Are You Quiz, add up all of the points that you got in the 11 questions above.  Dr Oz wants everyone to have a score of zero, especially for things we can all easily fix like bleeding gums and not having pap smears.  Here is how Dr Oz said to score his quiz:

1 – 9 = Healthy

10+ = Unhealthy

Dr Oz said the four most important questions that should send you to the doctor immediately is if you have a change in the smell of your breath, if you fainted, if your weight has gone up 2 pant sizes in the last 5 years or if you have lost more than 10 pounds in the past 6 months unintentionally.  How did everyone do?  I hope all of us will have a healthy year!

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  1. Jane Barnes says:

    I cannot seem to find those 40 questions Dr. Oz mentioned taking today January 4 on the show.

  2. catherene says:

    Some one told me that Dr Oz did a programme in which he said there were other things, other than lumps that women should check with regards to breast cancer. I missed that particular porgarmme, so i was wondering if you could let me know if my information is correct and, if it is when it was on, so i can check on it.

  3. Great Work Dr. Oz .. Keep up the Great Work of keeping us informed as well as providing us with important information to help us stay healthy longer to the day we expire.

  4. I cannot find the 40 question health survey Dr. Oz mentioned on his July 5th show.

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