Dr Oz: How Hunger Harms Kids & Children’s Nutrition


Dr Oz: Hunger Harms Children’s Health

Doctor Oz spoke about Hunger in America’s Middle Class, and then introduced Dr. Meggan Goodpasture, a pediatrician with the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. Dr. Goodpasture stated that in her profession, they saw more families that had difficulties providing basic needs for their children, including food. One afternoon, Dr. Goodpasture and her colleagues attempted to physically find food for 2 different families. She saw this issue on a daily basis. Dr. Goodpasture is a mom of 2 boys and couldn’t imagine the stress these kids had to go through. In her profession, she often heard of terrible diagnosis and tragedies, however, hearing about hungry children was just as horrifying.


  1. james says

    That was a very uninteligent show many many people live with less money my family. Of 4 lived on less than 25000 ayear most of your guests need to balance their budgets they were driving newer vehicles not even living in a trailer cannot feel sorry for your guests

  2. Teresa says

    That was a VERY intelligent show, your guests had recently lost very good jobs,used to making money, I feel very sorry for people not used to a low income and now with bills to pay even with no job…..your show was actually about HUNGRY CHILDREN IN GENERAL not just your guests, so it takes a caring heart to feel sorrow for ANY hungry person of ANY WALK OF LIFE. My heart and prayers go out to families with NO FOOD. if you have never gone hungry then you will never understand the feeling that hunger gives you much less a small child. there are so many children with drug addicted parents and these children are starving. thank you for a show to help spread knowledge of HUNGER IN AMERICA

  3. says

    Dear Dr. Oz

    I am watching your show right now Californai time at 4:20 p.m. and you had a family with five children and the fathers name was Scott in Az. (I think) I was laid off a year ago and working part time now I have two older children, but we are eating fine. However, I want to help that family I can buy extra goods when I buy extra to send to Soliders oversea. Can I have a mailing address for them or a location that they will receive this gift direct. I can do a little so they can make it month after month. I have recently lost healthcare and going throught the system is mading, so I understand when I saw her trying to check on her food stamps It’s heartbrecking for a mom. I can help please let me try to send them something. How do I do this……..Nell Lucas Thank you ready to shop……

  4. maureen f says

    while watch your episode on hunger i was appalled to hear the mother wearing the diamond ring stating that she served her child chocolate syrup in water. whatever happened to powdered milk? both affordable and nutrious. missed opportunity to educate dr. oz. the woman sobing at the food bank was such a disservice to those of us that are so very grateful for these organizations and their generousity. i,too, am a college graduate unemployed for 12 months. i have sold jewelry,my car,but i have manage to keep my dignity. i volunteer at soup kitchens and our local hospital and am happy i can do so. i wish this show would have presented coping skills,both dietary as well as emotional to successful live under these circumstance.

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