Dr Oz: How Long To Burn Off Ice Cream, Doughnut & Cheesecake?


Dr Oz did a segment called How Long To Burn It Off.  Do you know how much you have to walk, dance or do an aerobic workout for in order to burn off ice cream, a doughnut or a piece of cheesecake?  Doctor Oz said that all of us cheat sometimes, but we have to know what we need to do to make-up for these slip-ups.  And here I thought we could just drink grapefruit juice!! If you don’t understand my joke, then you must read this recap of Dr Oz’s segment where he spoke about how grapefruit juice helps your body burn off calories when you accidentally go off your diet: Dr Oz: 4 Hours To The Perfect Body: Ice Therapy & Timothy Ferriss

Dr Oz: How Much Do You Have To Walk To Burn Off Ice Cream?

Dr Oz’s first guest said that she loves Maple Walnut Ice Cream and tries to walk three times a week.  Dr Oz said that for 350 calories worth of ice cream (which is 1/2 cup of ice cream) you Dr Oz How Much Exercise Burns Off Desserthave to walk at 3 miles per hour for and hour and 30 minutes.  If you jog, you can take off 15 minutes – that does not seem like much of a savings though!

Dr Oz: How Much Do You Have To Dance To Burn Off a Doughnut?

Dr Oz’s second guest said she loves doughnuts and dances on weekends.  How many minutes of dancing do you think it takes to burn off the 350 calories found in a glazed doughnut?  You need to dance for 55 minutes.  Dr Oz said that all forms of dance – swing, ballet, salsa, etc. all have great benefits.

Dr Oz: How Much Exercise Burns Off Cheesecake?

Dr Oz’s third guest said that she loves cheesecake and prefers to do strength training or aerobic workouts.  How many minutes of aerobic workouts do you have to do to burn off a piece of cheesecake?  The piece of cheesecake also has 350 calories, and you need to do 50 minutes of strength training or aerobic workouts to burn off this dessert!


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