Dr Oz: How Many Cups of Coffee Prevent Cancer & More Cancer Prevention


The Dr Oz Cancer Proof Your Life show including a segment on simple switches to prevent cancer, because by making simple changes to our daily routine, we can avoid certain cancers.  Doctor Oz said that 70% of the known causes for cancer are avoidable.  We know that we should eat right, exercise, not smoke cigarettes, but there are some surprising swaps that could prevent cancer.  Dr Oz Coffee Prevents Cancer

Dr Oz: How Many Cups of Coffee Prevent Cancer?

Dr Oz said that regular coffee helps to prevent Uterine Cancer, Breast Cancer, Head & Neck Cancer, Brain Cancer, Prostate Cancer and Colon Cancer – but decaf coffee does not do the same thing, so make sure you are drinking regular coffee (unless you have other medical reasons to avoid it).  Here is the list that Dr Oz gave of how many cups of coffee to drink to prevent different types of cancer:


  1. Rachael Baptiste says

    I have fibriods, sometimes when I use certain foods or drink I notice an increase in my tummy, which is very uncomfortable for lets say 1to 2 hours what can i do.

  2. Deanna says

    I don’t drink coffee, so just wondering what else might have caffeine in it; anything to stop brain cancer.

  3. flex says

    Start drinking COFFEE DEANNA! ….i hate when people say ..i don’t drink coffee…. its better than soda! live a little!

  4. Deanna says

    That’s funny. You hate when people say that. I have never hated something so silly. The fact is it is the truth so why not say it. I don’t think not drinking coffee means I am not living a little but if that is what you are doing to live a little then so be it. Oh! I don’t drink a lot of soda either.

  5. says

    He’s recommending drinking 2-6 cups of coffee based on fear of getting cancer. Any logical thinker should realize that drinking that much coffee every day will cause many other problems. Good going there Dr. Oz.

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