Dr Oz: How Many Hours Of Sleep Do You Need? & What Is Sleep Efficiency


Dr Oz: Plan To Get Better Sleep At Night

Dr. Oz and his guest Dr. Michael Breuss have been sharing their “Sleep Plan to Get Your Perfect Night’s Sleep!” They provided you with the advice and tips you need to get the best rest you can when you go to bed at night. Did you know that five full 90 minute sleep cycles are optimal every night? That equals a total of seven and a half hours, but how many hours of sleep do you get at night? Are you getting less than seven hours? Follow Dr. Breuss’ equation to help you determine your personal sleep efficiency and learn ways to improve your sleep habits so you can wake up in the morning feeling well rested and ready to take on the day!


  1. says

    Dear Dr. Oz:
    You probably receive thousands od E-mails. I commented on drinking urine for health. No doubt, I do not do it but there are many, many people in India drink urine for their health benefit. It would be a great idea to get few people from that country and hear their side of the story. You are open minded about many things.
    Lately, you look rundown. We do not see glow on your face. Working too hard!!!

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