Dr Oz: How Many Times Should You Pee Every Day?


Dr Oz Kidney Infections

Dr Oz faced the question of how often should you pee every day?  After women turn 40, it seems like they have to go more than ever.  How much is too much?  And what are the Increased Urination Causes?  How do you know when your frequent urination is a sign of something more serious?  Doctor Oz’s assistant-of-the-day, Rae from seat 151, is a belly dancer… so we also got to see a little demonstration of belly dancing moves!

Dr Oz: How Often Should You Pee?

Doctor Oz asked Rae how often she pees, and she said about 10 times a day.  He said 4-8 times a day or less is fine, but if you pee over 10 times a day, Dr Oz How Many Times Should You Pee A Daythat could be a problem.  And definitely if you are peeing over 2 liters of urine a day, that is a concern.

Another area to look into is whether or not you are eating foods that make you pee, such as the following:


  1. Darryl Heinen says

    Hello Dr OZ:
    Re: peeing.
    Before 10/27/2008 I peed maybe once a night. After that date I pee 4-5-6 times per night
    On that date I had a liver transplant, my liver went out, also my kidneys quit working.I went on dialysis for about 7 mounts, befor and after the transplant, what is going on?

  2. says

    Hello Doctor I am 21 yrs old gal,Virgin, I have to urinate often, get hot urine,get white discharge at times. And from past 6 months I am noticing my periods last for only 2-3 days.

    please help me out.

  3. Melanie says

    Hello Doctor I am a 26 year old female. Me and my husband have been trying to concieve, but have only been at it for 1 month. I still have yet to see my period, but the tests are coming out negative. My feet and back ache, I’m constantly thirsty, and I urinate too many times to count per day. I remember having to pee 3 times in a 45 minute car ride today though. According to what I have read online I have to wait longer to get an accurate test. Is it possible to get extremely early symptoms? Thanks!

  4. says

    I pee alot to worrying me why … only started two weeks go thought nothing off it till last night at 8 weeing on off though night to .. keep drinking thoght mite ve watwr infection . even when not weeing still ferl want go any advice pls ….

  5. leigh ann Smith pea hlas says

    Jill, get some AZO or similar meds from the drugstore to stop your bladder cramps & then go get tested for a bladder/kidney infection.

  6. says

    I have been working outside at the Zoo for 12 years. As of the last two day I have not changed my daily routine…. I will have a little glass of soy milk before work and go to the bathroom (urinate) then I will go to work drink a bottle of Gatorade with Mirlax in it, then a bottle of water or a Sierra Mist ( I haven’t drunk caffeen in 3 1/2 years) and only pee one time while I’m at work after drinking all of that…. I’m concerned please help.
    Thank You,
    Nikki Miller

  7. Anna says

    My husband is a heavy smoker and has a lump on his throat and sometimes it bothers him yo swallow and a lump by his groin area. He doesn’t want to go to the doctors.

  8. mary ramos says

    Hello Dr Oz, my question to you is? Is drinking Flavored bottled water good for me or should I remain drinking filtered water?

  9. says

    My question is I have a 21 year old daughter who when she goes to the bathroom it takes her awhile to go and our Obgyn thought it may be kidney stones I am a concerned mom what are your thoughts

  10. Randell mullally says

    Hi Dr. Oz, 2 nights ago I was having some back pain so I took some medication that I had prescribed to me about a month ago called carisoprodol 350mg or soma. Yesterday I woke up in a lot of pain I had an exam at school, college student, and I made it to the exam but I couldn’t stay I had to walk out from there it took me about 2 hours to get to the doctors office an emergency med on a Saturday because not only was I nosious but I was so tired I was passing out. I finally made it in I had a fever of about 100 low blood pressure about 90/60 if I heart rate of around a 100 bpm, and severe dehydration. They couldn’t pin down what was wrong with me but made me feel alot better after I’ve left I’m having a problem keeping water in my system today I decided to measure how much I was urinating so I urinated into a bucket thinking that I wouldn’t fill it up but I did and I’m still dehydrated. I feel terrible what should I do. 30yo white male. Couldn’t find a relevant thread.

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