Dr Oz: How Much Vitamin C To Get Daily & Vitamin C Prevents UTI’s

Dr Oz’s Golden Road to Good Health: Vitamin C Game was all about the powerful and essential antioxidant called Vitamin C.  Doctor Oz said that Vitamin C keeps your eyes, bones, skin and immune system in good shape.  The ladies playing Dr Oz’s Game today won some really fabulous prizes!

Dr Oz: 75 mg Vitamin C Daily

Dr Oz asked how much Vitamin C should the average woman consume every day from food: 50 Dr Oz Vitamin Cmilligrams, 75 milligrams or 500 milligrams?  Dr Oz said that the operative word was “at least” and that women she eat at least 75 mg of Vitamin C every day, which is a kiwi fruit or an orange.  Vitamin C cannot be stored in your body, so you have to eat it in order to prevent Scurvy.  You should take 500 mg Vitamin C for the full benefits though.

Dr Oz: Vitamin C & Iron

Dr Oz said that Vitamin C helps your body to absorb other nutrients like Iron, so what is the best bet for a breakfast meal?  Dr Oz said that oatmeal and strawberries give you iron and vitamin c which pack a powerful punch.  Since both ladies got this question correct, they each won $500 worth of The Body Shop’s Vitamin C Products.

Dr Oz: Vitamin C Prevents UTI’s

A diet that is rich in Vitamin C can help reduce the risk of which of the following: Coronary Artery Disease, Heartburn or Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s)?  Dr Oz said that the correct answer is that Vitamin C helps prevent UTI’s!  One lady got this correct and she won a 3 night stay at Marco Island Beach Resort with daily breakfast, 2 Vitamin C Spa Treatments and airfare for herself plus a guest.  Lucky lady!


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    I’m new to being a vegan and I just want to know a bit of the vitamins I should take to stop me from getting sick. I’m a vegetarian and have been for two months because of the animal cruelty – except I want to go further. I got pretty sick when I stopped eating meat because I wasn’t taking my iron supplements. Now that I’m vegan what should I take?? . . Thanks in advance..

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