Dr Oz: How to Age Proof Your Hair: Salon Showdown: Foods For Hair


Dr Oz played a game called How to Age Proof You Hair: Salon Showdown to teach all of us about dry and dull hair.  Here are some great tips for how to get back the hair from our youth and actually age proof your hair.  Doctor Oz gave a list of Healthy Hair Foods that you should eat, plus another list of Foods For Hair that you actually put in your hair as a deep conditioning treatment.  I love the concept of making hair masks and beauty treatments out of things in your kitchen and pantry.  Here are more great recipes for your hair and body: Hair Remedies.

Dr Oz: Foods For Shiny Healthy Hair

Dr Oz said the following four foods are great for keeping your hair healthy: Dr Oz Healthy Hair Foods


  1. says

    my hair has been falling out now for the last few years, And it gotten to the point where i have just some fuzz around the front of my head,It has fallen out back pas my ears on the side of my face. So now i have to wear a wig, I was doing a weave the type that you sew to your own hair,But now i have lost so much that i can not do that anymore.
    Sincerly Dorothy Matthew

  2. Donna Parker says

    My hair is thinning terribly at the crown and getting worse! What can I do? Thank you, Donna Parker

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