Dr Oz: How To Analyze Dreams: Dr Oz’s Slumber Party & Lauri Lowenberg


Dr Oz’s Slumber Party included a segment called Do Your Dreams Mean You Are Unhealthy? How To Analyze Dreams!  Have you ever thought about why you dream at night or how your dreams impact your health?  Doctor Oz said that dreams send us vital messages about our lives, so here are some ways to unlock the hidden messages in your dreams.

Dr Oz: Dream Interpretations

Dr Oz said that all of us dream two hours per night, which is a total of around 50,000 hours in a lifetime.  What is a dream?  What causes them?  All dreams occur Dr Oz Dreamsduring REM sleep, which is active sleep.  During REM Sleep, your heart rate rises and your eyes move rapidly.  Dr Sigmund Freud believed that dreams reveal important unconscious emotions that warn us, inspire us and tell us when we are in trouble.  How can you harness the power of your dreams to transform your life?

Dr Oz: Lauri Lowenberg Dream Analyst

Dr Oz brought onto his show Lauir Lowenberg, a Dream Analyst and author of Cracking The Dream Code, and she said that dreams are important because they show you what you are thinking on a deeper and more intuitive level.  Your conscious mind goes away when you sleep and your subconscious mind goes to work.  Dr Michael Breus said that most people dream during REM sleep which is when information gets moved from your short term memory into your long term memory.  The term “sleeping on it” should really be “dreaming on it” because we solve our problems and organize our thoughts while we sleep.

Dr Oz: Why Can’t I Remember Dreams?

Dr Oz asked Dr Breus why some people cannot remember their dreams every night.  Dr Breus said that we remember our dreams when we wake-up in the middle of having one.  It also depends on the emotional content of the dream.  Dr Breus tends to have a dream where he is at high school and cannot remember his locker combination whenever he is stressed out.

Dr Oz: How To Remember Dreams

Lauri Lowenberg said that you should do the following things to help you remember your dreams:

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