Dr Oz: How To Apply Eyeliner & How To Remove Eye Makeup


Dr Oz’s How To Beauty School with Cynde Watson, a Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist for 15 years, gave great tips on How to Apply Eyeliner and How To Remove Eye Makeup.  Many of us have been making major mistakes when it comes to eye makeup, how we use it and how long we leave it o n for.  Cynde Watson told Doctor Oz that the biggest eye mistake people make is keeping their eye makeup for way too long, because then bacteria starts to grow and can cause all sorts of problems.

Dr Oz: How To Apply Eyeliner

One lady from the audience told Dr Oz that she likes to wear eyeliner on the inside of her eye (in the portion commonly Dr Oz Eye Makeupreferred to as the “water line”) and she wears contact lenses as well.  Dr Oz said that applying eyeliner to the inside of your lash line can cause problems if you get too close to your eyeball.  Plus, it can cause wrinkles since you often have to tug on the skin around the area.  Dr Oz said that if your pencil accidentally pokes your eye, it is delicate like an onion skin and can easily get infected, irritated or you could even get ulcers which can cause blindness.  Here are some tips for how to apply eyeliner correctly:


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