Dr Oz: How To Buy Safe Weight Loss Supplements


Dr Oz: Safe Weight Loss Pills

Doctor Oz did a show on Spiked Weight Loss Supplements.  After the lab results, The Dr Oz Show went back to those stores that sold the supplements. The show armed one of their producers with undercover cameras and sent her to Chinatown where some of the spiked supplements had been purchased. She tried to get answers, but no one was willing to disclose where they got their supplements from or even how it worked. The Dr Oz Show producer asked for the manufacturer information and came up empty handed. Dr Oz decided to do his own work online. Unfortunately, the label on the product did not show where it was made. Dr Oz found a phone number on the FDA website and attempted to call. No one answered. (That’s a shocker! NOT!) The actual pill contained no markings at all. Eventually, Dr Oz found a number and was able to leave a detailed voicemail. (How much do you wanna bet they didn’t call back?)


  1. marylouheisler says

    I would like to know about the African Mango pills you talked about on your show one day. I did not see it that day but the lady at the Health food store told me today they could not keep the product in the store it was selling sop fast since you spoke about it on your show.

  2. says

    I quickly realize though thqt phentermine could not be taken everyday.
    In such case, take one in early morning and anoother supplement 4-5 hours before you sleep.
    It is possible, however, that Adipex-P causes dry mouth or cotton mouth simply because
    it is an anorectic.

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