Dr Oz: How to Choose The Right Vitamins- Critical Women’s Vitamins


Doctor Oz did an episode on How to Choose the Right Vitamins, to teach us about the critical vitamins that all women must take.  Dr Oz said that a multivitamin is great and you should try to take 1/2 your dose in the morning and 1/2 your dose in the evening.  How to Choose The Right Vitamins

Critical Women’s Vitamins:

– Omega 3 Fats

– vitamin A (for vision and skin)



  1. Rod says

    You make a good point. Choosing the right vitamins will help you live a healthier life.

  2. says

    I found a vitamin on the internet that has the amounts that Dr. Oz recommends.

    It’s called My Perfect Vitamin, check it out on the internet.

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