Dr Oz: How To Clean Your Ears Safely & Umbilical Hernia Risk Factors


Dr Oz Nooks & Crannies

Dr Oz: Hidden Nooks & Crannies

Doctor Oz did a segment on Hidden Nooks & Crannies, because infections could be hiding there!  Dr Oz, along with his Assistant-Of-The-Day named Diane, spoke about everything from how to safely clean your ears to the crust in the corner of your eyes to Umbilical Hernias that can develop when you are pregnant.

Dr Oz: Crusty Eye Gunk

Dr Oz’s first Hidden Nook and Cranny is the corner of your eyes.  If you have a clear fluid there, that is good because your eye naturally should secrete fluids into your eye.  But if you have something crusty, goopy or cloudy forming in the corner of your eye throughout the day, this could be the sign of an infection.  If you only get eye crusties in the morning, Doctor Oz said not to worry too much about that.

Dr Oz: Mineral Oil To Clean Ears

Dr Oz’s second Hidden Nook and Cranny is deep inside of your ear.  If you look past the ear canal, you will see the Inner Ear.  If you get something stuck in that Dr Oz How To Clean Your Earssection of your ear, it can be very uncomfortable.  For example, if you have earwax in your ear and use a Q-Tip, then you can push the ear wax even deeper.  Sometimes a doctor will even have to use tweezers to remove the ear wax.

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