Dr Oz: How to Clip Nose Hair Safely & Spraying Pee Causes


Dr Oz: TMI in the Bathroom!

You thought you heard it all, but on today’s Dr Oz TMI Show, he gives you the scoop from the bathroom. (Wait, that didn’t sound too good!) Find out if the color of your poop is healthy and whether you should tweeze or cut those nose hairs.

Dr Oz How to Clip Nose Hair Safely

Dr Oz did a segment on TMI in the bathroom where he discussed the causes of green poop, white poop and red poop. Nothing is ever off limits on the Dr Oz Show!



  1. Mary says

    On your poop show you had a girl who asked what the long gel like strings are after pooping. I also have the long gel like strings, but my doctor didn’t know what they were. I waited with baited breath for the answer to that question, but Dr. Oz never answered it. Please write me back with the answer.


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