Dr Oz: How To Deliver a Baby In a Car & Lung Transplant OnStar Advisor


Dr Oz did a show called Wildest Medical Emergencies Caught On Tape.  A lady named Alice was saved by a Lung Transplant and an OnStar Adviser who helped her get to the hospital on time.  Plus, a couple delivered their baby (Colin) in their car with the help of a 911 dispatcher.  Do you know how a shoelace could save your baby’s life if you ever have to deliver a baby in a car?  Plus, do  you even know how to deliver a baby in a car?  There are so many valuable takeaways from this Doctor Oz segment!  Don’t forget to also read this segment on 911 Mistakes and to print out your 911 Emergency Chart.

Dr Oz: Lung Transplant for Alice

A lady named Alice had a rare Lung Disease and was in desperate need for a Lung Transplant.  One day she received a call Dr Oz Medical Emergenciesthat a match was found, but she had to get to the hospital immediately.  Add to that the fact that she only had enough oxygen in her tank to get to the hospital, and you can understand how much stress Alice and her husband were under.  They ran into a major traffic jam that could take up to a couple hours to get through, so Alice decided to push the OnStar Button in her car.  The OnStar Adviser called 911 to get a police officer to help escort them out of the traffic.  All looked well… until they ran into yet another traffic jam.  So the OnStar Advisor called for another police escort and sure enough they were able to get to the hospital in time.

Dr Oz: OnStar Advisor

Dr Oz said it has been three years since Alice’s Lung Transplant, and Alice said she feels wonderful now but when she was driving in the car and running out of oxygen, she felt like she was in a total panic.  She said if she had not reached out for help, she would have almost definitely died.  Doctor Oz said that he has seen people miss their appointments with destiny and miss an organ transplant deadline, so this really is very special.  Alice is thankful for every breathe she takes and said she would not have been here without OnStar Advisor Janeice Washington.  Dr Oz setup a reunion between Alice and Janeice that was clearly emotional for both of them.  Janeice said they put a lot of effort and training into being prepared, and when you get a call like that you really want to know that everything turns out ok for the person.

Dr Oz: Baby Delivered In A Car

Dr Oz’s second Wild Medical Emergency Caught On Tape was the incredible birth of Baby Colin, which happened in the car!  As Jeremy and Amber were driving to the hospital to give birth to their baby Colin, Amber told Jeremy to pull over to the side because the baby was going to come out.  Jeremy called 911 and the dispatcher told him to support the baby’s head and shoulders as it comes out, and within seconds the baby was delivered and crying, but then the dispatcher said that he needs to look for something to tie the umbilical cord.  Jeremy looked around and all he could find was a shoelace in his shoe, so he took that out and tied it tightly around the umbilical cord and Dr Oz said that this saved the baby boy’s life.  Jeremy said that the ironic part is that 90-95% of the time he wears slip on shoes, but it just happened that on this day he was wearing shoes with shoelaces.


  1. LJK says

    Dr Oz and the dispatcher are both stupid idiots. Yes a germ covered old shoelace must be put on an umbilical cord ASAP or everyone’s gonna DIE /sarcasm. Seriously.. some people practice Lotus birthing which means that the cord is only detached when the body decides it should be and not before. Leave the cord attached until it’s stopped pulsing at a bare minimum to give the baby all of the blood it needs that is still in the cord. THAT is the safest thing to do. There is NO.. NO!!!! hurry to cut the damn cord. I cannot believe the stupid that is allowed to walk among us..

  2. RHC says

    BAHAHAHAHAHA The shoelace SAVED HIS LIFE!!! Really? Cos I’m fairly certain that disgusting thing actually endangered his life more than anything. There’s no need to tie off the cord immediately…or at any point to be quite honest. Like the previous poster mentioned, plenty of people practice lotus birthing which is perfectly safe in every way. The only danger comes in when you try to cut the cord without tying it off and it’s still pulsating. It’s sad that so many babies are born in hospitals and they are deprived of their own blood by cutting their umbilical cords before they are finished pulsating. It’s like your infant has just given blood immediately after birth. Dr Oz,…you’re an idiot.

  3. homebirther says

    I am with the others- the shoelace was DANGEROUS! The cord provides blood (and therefore oxygen) to the baby as s/he transitions to breathing. In an emergency situation like this, not cutting it is far safer. In fact there is a huge push for DELAYED cord clamping- waiting until either the cord stops pulsing or even until the placenta is delivered. Tying off the cord with an unsterile shoelace then cutting it with whatever sharp instrument is available (instead of leaving it alone or waiting until sterile equipment can be procured) introduces all kinds of bacteria and germs to both mom AND baby. Please warn people of this danger!!! Yes there is a small, almost insignificant risk of the baby getting too much blood but as long as s/he is layed on top of mom to equalize the blood flow (as well as also serving as a heater for the baby as well as encouraging breastfeeding) there’s no worry.

  4. Ruth says

    I’m disappointed that in this day and age, false information like this is still being circulated. Cutting or tying off the umbilical cord (and thus the oxygen and blood that the newborn is still receiving) right after birth is unnecessary and can be especially dangerous in an emergency birth where the newborn doesn’t have access to medical care and may or may not be breathing on their own.

    My own 3 kids were born at home. 2 of them had their cords clamped and cut around 10-15 minutes after birth. The 3rd child had her cord left alone for nearly an hour after birth. All three of them are alive and well.

    Perpetuating false information like the idea that a newborn will die from not getting their umbilical cord clamped immediately after birth can put babies at risk when people will inevitably use dirty instruments to tie or cut the cord or clamp the cord on a newborn that’s not breathing on their own, thus sending them into respiratory distress.

    If you have an emergency birth, please postpone cord clamping or cutting until it can be done by trained medical professionals with sterile instruments. Shoelaces should remain on your shoes.

  5. Donna Young says

    The umbilical cord never needs to be tied off, clamped off, or finger-squeezed off, unless the quality of life line tore. This selfom, if ever, happens. The medic was in error to allow someone to use an unsterlized shoe string to tie into blood vessels, like itbwas an essential after birth care need, and notbidentifying his sourcevipofvinformation, that blood deprived thevinfantbwas notbto the child’s iwn benefit.

    The baby, yet looking jaundiced 12 days later, likley it had blood infections from the tied off cord which was then later cut off.

    You will need to use a Restraining Court Order against “all” those strangers or medical persons who will stop full placental blood infusion into the baby’s expanding lungs.

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