Dr. Oz: How to Detect & Prevent Frostbite


You can lose a finger, toe, ear, even the end of your nose if you aren’t careful during cold weather.  Dr. Oz taught how to recognize and prevent frostbite, with the help of his assistant Carleen.

Dr. Oz did a demo with a plastic foot and liquid nitrogen.  Before putting the foot into the liquid nitrogen, Dr. Oz showed us that the foot was soft and pliable… he could bend it with no problem.  The foot was then placed in liquid nitrogen, to simulate what it is like if you get frostbitten.  When Dr. Oz took the foot out of the liquid nitrogen, he showed how it was very fragile, and when hit with a hammer the toes shattered!  Why does this happen?  Well when it is below freezing outside, your blood vessels get smaller and the water freezes in your tissue, so the blood vessels clot because the blood can’t flow freely anymore… before you know it, your fingers and toes can turn purple (which is the early sign of frost bite)… and if you aren’t careful, they will turn black (that is a late sign of frostbite) and at this point there is no hope and your extremities will fall off.


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