Dr. Oz: How To Get Rid of Hiccups & What Causes Hiccups


Dr. Oz reviewed the causes of hiccups and how to cure your hiccups quickly!  He called on lucky seat 40 (Jamie) to help him. 

When you get the hiccups, your diaphragm (the muscle underneath your lungs) starts to spasm, which pulls down on your lungs, and the epiglottis (the skin that is behind your tongue and closes over your windpipe) closes, all of which create the hiccup sound.  The real culprit behind hiccups is air in your stomach.  Therefore, the most common triggers for hiccups are: 


  1. Karen Rossi says

    Dr. Oz, The only hiccup remedy my family has ever used is a simple spoonfull of powdered (confectioners) sugar. It always works and is much easier to administer, especially for kids . Please test this out. I have never known it to fail.

  2. Sylvia Parsons says

    I’d like to send you my tried and tested home remedy for hiccups:

    Step 1 – Take a slow, very deep breath in, until you can’t breathe in anymore
    Step 2 – Hold your breath for a short while
    Step 3 – Exhale slowly and steadily until all breath is exhaled and you can’t breathe out anymore.

    If during this time you continue to hiccup, just take a few normal breaths and start again as it doesn’t work if you’re still hiccuping during the process.

    Friends and family have tried this and it’s been very successful. Would love to hear if it works for you!

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