Dr Oz: How To Get Your Husband To Agree With You & Win Arguments


Dr Oz: How To Get What You Want From Your Husband

Doctor Oz did a segment on How To Get What You Want From Your Husband.  Dr Oz was joined by Janine Driver, author of You Say More Than You Think and Body Language Expert, to talk about how to get your husband to agree with you, the best way to ask you husband for something, the best way to win an argument and the facial expression that shows your husband is not listening to you.  I wonder if the same advice applies to wives?

Dr Oz: Best Way To Ask Your Husband For Something

Dr Oz’s first question was “What Is The Best Way To Ask Your Husband For Something?”  While he is walking?  Or while he is lying down?  The answer is that you Dr Oz Win Arguments With Your Husbandshould ask your husband for something while he is walking.  Janine Driver said “Move Your Body, Move Your Mind.”  If you are lying down, then you are stuck in your opinion so if he does not want to go on that  Hawaiian vacation or get you diamonds, now is not the time to ask.  When he is walking around, his endorphins are moving and he is happier and wants to make you happy.  So the bottom line is – keep him moving!

Dr Oz: How To Get Your Husband To Agree With You

Doctor Oz’s second question was “What Is The Best Way To Get Your Husband To Agree With You?”  Touch his arm?  Or copy his gestures?  Janine Driver said that the best way to get him to agree with you is by copying his gestures, because we have Mirror Neurons in our body.  By don’t copy his gesture right away, you have to wait 3-4 seconds and then copy his gesture.  Remember, people like people who are like themselves.

Dr Oz: How To Win An Argument

Dr Oz’s third question was “What Is The Best Way To Win An Argument?”  Sit across from him?  Or sit next to him?  Driver said that you should sit next to your husband to win an argument, because if you are facing each other then that is the fighting pose.  So either sit to the side of your husband or slightly off-center.

Dr Oz: Facial Expression That Means Your Husband Isn’t Listening

Doctor Oz’s final question was “Your Husband Isn’t Listening To You If You See This Facial Expression.”  Is it a facial expression of contempt with a half smile?  Or rolling your eyes?  Janine Driver said that your husband is not listening to you if he has a look of contempt or a half smile, because that is the face of moral superiority.  He is thinking that you should not be breathing the air in front of him.  So call him out on it!  Say “maybe I’m wrong, but it seems to me that you aren’t considering my opinion.”

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