Dr. Oz: How to Heal & Treat Skin Burns & Scalds in Your Kitchen

Doctor Oz discussed what to do when you burn your skin at home… should you call 911? or treat the burns yourself?  Dr. Oz, wit the help of seat 46 – Virginia – his assistant of the day, answered everyone’s questions about burns.  The two most common household burns are scalds and contact burns (from ovens).  Here is what to do when you burn yourself:

Dr. Oz’s Skin Burns & Scalds First Aid Treatment Advice:

1.  First Degree / Superficial Burns

If you burn is red and tender, then it is likely a first degree burn.  Run cool water on the top of your burn and apply Aloe Vera, which has chemicals that stimulate collagen regeneration.  Don’t use ice to treat a burn because it can traumatize the burn and make it even worse.

2. Second Degree Burns

Second degree burns have large blisters.  Do not pop the blisters and do not apply butter!  Instead, wash carefully with soap and water.

3.  Third Degree Burns

If your skin turns a pale white color and there is a lot of scarring, this could be a life threatening burn.  Call 911 right away.  Apply a cool moist cloth (to protect you from losing fluids) and monitor your pulse.  Do not cut off the clothing that is stuck to the burn, because that can actually remove another layer of skin.

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