Dr Oz: How To Lose Belly Fat & Baby Bulge, Cat & Dog Exercise


Dr Oz: Belly Fat & Visceral Fat

Dr Oz did a show where he answered everyone’s Weight Loss Questions, and then he did this segment on the best ways to lose Belly Fat.  Doctor Oz, along with Dr Evelyn Minaya, Dr Adrienne Youdim and Leslie Bonci, spoke about how to lose your Baby Bulge after being pregnant with a Cat & Dog Exercise.  Plus, Dr Oz gave a list of which foods help you to lose Belly Fat, and which foods just put on the pounds.  If you are struggling with a Big Belly, you should also read these recaps of what Dr Oz said about Belly Fat on past shows Dr Oz Big Belly Diet and  Dr Oz Belly Fat Burning Foods.

Dr Oz: Baby Bulge After Pregnancy

Dr Oz was asked by a lady in his audience what she can do to lose her Baby Bulge.  She has two babies under the age of two years old and is very short on time, but nothing she tries seems to get rid of her leftover Baby Bump.  Dr Dr Oz Belly FatEvelyn Minaya said that during pregnancy it is normal to develop a fat pad.  She said not to worry about this little fat pouch because you have all the time in the world to lose it.  Breastfeeding is a great way to burn lots of calories.  But the emotional impact of worrying about your new baby and staying up at night can increase your Cortisol Levels, which puts fat onto your stomach, butt and thighs.  In fact, this emotional aspect of raising kids, and then later in life raising your parents, can increase your weight.


  1. Anne Lieb says

    Your show recommended a root-drink to be taken before meals, something like KUNJA root, but I cannot find it even at your website! How do I order it?

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