Dr Oz: How To Lose Belly Fat & Baby Bulge, Cat & Dog Exercise

By on April 19, 2011

Dr Oz: Belly Fat & Visceral Fat

Dr Oz did a show where he answered everyone’s Weight Loss Questions, and then he did this segment on the best ways to lose Belly Fat.  Doctor Oz, along with Dr Evelyn Minaya, Dr Adrienne Youdim and Leslie Bonci, spoke about how to lose your Baby Bulge after being pregnant with a Cat & Dog Exercise.  Plus, Dr Oz gave a list of which foods help you to lose Belly Fat, and which foods just put on the pounds.  If you are struggling with a Big Belly, you should also read these recaps of what Dr Oz said about Belly Fat on past shows Dr Oz Big Belly Diet and  Dr Oz Belly Fat Burning Foods.

Dr Oz: Baby Bulge After Pregnancy

Dr Oz was asked by a lady in his audience what she can do to lose her Baby Bulge.  She has two babies under the age of two years old and is very short on time, but nothing she tries seems to get rid of her leftover Baby Bump.  Dr Dr Oz Belly FatEvelyn Minaya said that during pregnancy it is normal to develop a fat pad.  She said not to worry about this little fat pouch because you have all the time in the world to lose it.  Breastfeeding is a great way to burn lots of calories.  But the emotional impact of worrying about your new baby and staying up at night can increase your Cortisol Levels, which puts fat onto your stomach, butt and thighs.  In fact, this emotional aspect of raising kids, and then later in life raising your parents, can increase your weight.

Doctor Oz explained that there are two kinds of fat.  The fat you have in your back area and that you can pinch on your belly, and the Visceral Fat which is found around your organs.  This Organ Fat gives us the belly pouch that we hate and causes high blood pressure, Diabetes and even Osteoperosis which makes us lose our bone mass and makes us become frail.

Dr Adrienne Youdim said that Visceral Fat is very responsive to diet and exercise.  Within weeks of changing just these two things, your Visceral Fat can start to subside.  You should aim for 150  minutes of exercise a week, which comes out to 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week.

Dr Oz: Belly Fat Exercise

Dr Oz said that he loves this Belly Fat Exercise for people who have had babies, because often their muscle in their stomach area splits.  Here are the two exercises he demonstrated:

Dr Oz Cat Exercise

First, Doctor Oz explained how to do the Cat Exercise. Get down on your hands and knees, and suck your belly button up towards your spine.  Drop your head down while you are doing this, so basically you look like a cat does when it stretches.  You want to hold the pose and hold your breathe in for a count of four.  Then drop your back and stomach back down and lift your head for a count of four.  If you want to make the exercise even more challenging, then push your body up off of your knees a little bit while you do this.

Dr Oz Dog Exercise

Next, Dr Oz showed how to do the Dog Exercise.  Go back on the ground on your hands and knees.  Imagine that your leg / foot is like a dog’s tail.  Lift your leg up off of the ground and wag it back and forth.  While your leg moves from side to side, follow it with your head so that your head is following your foot.  Doctor Oz suggested doing both the Dog & Cat Exercises in two or three minute increments (like during a TV commercial) so that even the busiest people can squeeze it into their schedule.

Dr Oz: Belly Fat Burning Foods

Dr Oz was asked by another lady in his audience for a list of foods that help to burn Belly Fat, and for a list of foods which contribute to Belly Fat.  Leslie Bonci said that all too often, people forget to count the calories in their drinks.  Drinks, especially alcohol, has lots of calories and can make you even hungrier.  Sugary foods also tend to make you want to eat even more of them.  Plus, lacking in color on your dinner plate is a big problem for people trying to fat Belly Fat.  Bonci said that what you want is to increase your fiber, lean meats, beans and even a little good fat like almonds and avocado.  You also want to spice up your food with something like Tabasco sauce, because if your food is too bland, then you will overeat.

Dr Oz: Foods That Burn Belly Fat

– Avocadoes

– Green Tea

– Whole Grains

Dr Oz: Foods That Cause Belly Fat

– Packaged Foods

– Enriched Flour

– Partially Hydrogenated Oils

Dr Oz said that chronic stress was originally over famine or not having enough food, so our body deposits fat when we are stressed as a natural survival response.  So in addition to eating the right foods, we must learn to get rid of some of the stress in our lives to help us lose weight!

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