Dr Oz: How To Make Tea That Prevents Cancer With Antioxidants


Dr Oz: Cancer Fighting Antioxidants

Dr Oz’s Cancer Fighting Antioxidants segment was followed up with a list of how to get the most Antioxidants into your diet so that you can help fight off Cancer.  Do you know how to make a cup of tea with the most antioxidants in it?  How about the best two vegetables to combine for boosting your daily Antioxidant consumption?  And Doctor Oz even gave us a great excuse for ordering salsa and guacamole together!

Dr Oz: Dunk Your Tea Bag

Dr Oz said that how you make your tea could boost the Cancer Fighting Antioxidants that you get.  His helper said that she likes to drink coffee, which also Dr Oz Best Way To Make Teahas antioxidants, but that is a whole separate story.  Do you think it is best to dunk your tea bag, toss it in and leave it or some other method for making tea?  Dr William Li said that dunking your tea bag is much better because every time that you dink the bag back in, you release more antioxidants.  And this does not happen when it sits at the bottom of your cup.  Plus, by dunking the tea bag, you get the antioxidants out of the leaves in the middle of the bag as well.  Dr Li also suggested adding lemon to your tea, which is something that we commonly do in iced tea, because it acidifies the tea which makes the antioxidants more stable.  You should avoid adding milk to your cup of tea because that actually neutralizes the Antioxidants.  So as a quick summary, here is the best way to get the most Antioxidants into your tea:

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