Dr Oz: How To Prevent The Flu, North American Ginseng & Vitamin D


Dr Oz: Flu Shot Advice

Doctor Oz did a show called “Holiday Health Hazards: How To Prevent The Biggest Threats Of The Season”.  The holidays aren’t just a time of parties and festivities. The holidays are also a time for getting sick. We’ve all gotten the aches, chills and fever at one time or another during the holiday months. The peak of the flu and cold outbreak is now because the germs stay in dry, cold air longer. Statistics show that half a million people will get the flu this year. Just 2 years ago, the swine flu killed thousands of Americans. What can you do to reduce your chances of you and your family getting sick? How do you prevent catching this potentially deadly virus?

Dr Oz: H3N2 Virus

Dr Oz introduced Dr. David Katz, the founding director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center. Dr Oz How To Prevent The Flu Dr. Katz stated that medical professionals have a heightened concerned for the H3N2 virus. (You may remember the Swine Flu classified as H1N1). Dr Oz put up a map, showing the areas affected by this new strain of virus and those areas included some mid-western and NE states. (Check online to see if your state is one.)


  1. charlene whiteman says

    i will not take flu shot but will take supplements ..i take vitamin d3 everyday where would i get pure north american gensing ..i was going to start taking vit.c for colds are you saying vit.d would be better to take then c thank you charlene

  2. Joyce says

    Are North American Ginseng and American Ginseng the same thing? I called the Health store and they didn’t know about North American Ginseng but then told me that they should be the same thing.

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