Dr Oz: How to Stop Cancer Growing Inside of You


Doctor Oz said that researches have found a way to stop cancer from growing inside of your body.  The first question is: how does cancer grow in your body?  Once you  know how cancer grows in your body, then you can work on ways to prevent cancer from growing. How to Stop Cancer From Growing Inside of You

How Cancer Grows In Your Body:

Dr Oz said that blood winds through blood vessels in your body, and your body continually works on creating new blood vessels.  Cancer cells can cause too many blood vessels to start growing near them, which delivers nutrient rich blood to the cancer cells, which in turn helps the cancer to grow and develop tumors.  In fact, Dr Oz said that a tiny cancer can grow 60,000 times its size in just two weeks.

What is Anti-Angiogenesis?

Dr Oz did a demonstration to explain Anti-Angiogenesis.  Imagine a flower pot with soil and a seed deeps inside.  With no water, the seed can’t grow… just like with cancer inside of us, it cannot grow without blood.  But as you pour water into the flower pot, a flower blooms… and in the case of a cancer, when you “water” it with blood flow, it grows and turns into a deadly cancer.


  1. Tachi F says

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