Dr Oz: How to Treat & Prevent Aging Eyes Over 40


Dr Oz said he knows all about aging eyes of people over 40 years old.  You may have trouble reading close up, you might start moving the candle on the table closer to you to read a menu in a restaurant, and you might have trouble with nighttime glare when driving in the dark.  So how can you treat and prevent aging eyes when you are over 40 years old?  Here are Dr Oz’s suggestions for Aging Eyes! Dr Oz Glasses With Lights

1. Nighttime Glare Driving in the Dark

Doctor Oz showed how pupils should react to bright lights, but as we age, our pupils get smaller and less reactive than before.  The iris is the part of your eye that has a color like blue, green or brown, and the hole going through the center of the iris is called the pupil.  When a bright light shines in your eye, the pupil should get smaller.  However, when you age, your eye muscle stops responding as well, so the ability for your pupils to dilate gets worse as you age.

2.  You Hold Books Further Away to Read

Dr Oz showed a model of an eye, and behind the iris is a lens that focuses light onto the back of your eye.  When you are young, your eye’s lens is flexible and can bend.  As you get older though, you get a hardening of the lens which means that you need more light to read.  Dr Oz’s fix for this problem?  He modeled a pair of reading glasses with lights (that cost $30 online).

3.  Cataracts: Haze Over Everything

Dr Oz said that if you start to get a slight haze when you read or look at things, the cloudiness can be a sign of cataracts.  In addition, your lens can start to yellow.  Often what you see will begin to get darker and dimmer until it is very hard to see the details or colors of anything.  Dr Oz said that African Americans or more likely to get cataracts.  You can replace your eye’s lens, if it gets severe, with a synthetic lens.


  1. TH says

    Thanks for all the efforts with this site. I don’t get to see his show when it’s on and no way to record it. Thank you for the information and the work–much appreciated : )

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