Dr Oz: How to Winterize Your Skin: Cracked Heel Cure & Dry Faces


Dr Oz did a segment on How to Winterize Your Skin.  He gave some great solutions for dry facial skin, plus Doctor Oz spoke about how to heal dry, cracked heels.  As the temperatures drop outside, so does your body’s moisture levels, this is why it is so important to winterize your skin. Dr Oz Cracked Heel Treatment

Dr Oz asked a lady from his audience named Fern “does your skin get dry in the winter”… to which she was speechless at first (quite a common response when in the presence of Dr Oz!!!) but then she said yes.  So how do you protect your skin when it gets dry?  How do you moisturize your skin, especially on your face and feet?  Lets see if you do what Dr Oz suggested!

Dr Oz: Dry Face Skin

Dr Oz said that if you get dry skin on your face, this does not mean you should be changing moisturizers in the winter.  Instead, Dr Oz said that you should apply a serum before your regular moisturizer.  When your skin is normal, and not dry, bacteria cannot get inside of the skin.  However, in the winter, if your skin is not winterized, the outer layer of skin gets scraped away and you are left with dents or cracks in your skin through which you lose moisture.  Even more problematic is that Dr Oz said bacteria can then get under your skin and cause problems.  So Dr Oz suggested applying a serum (which he later clarified to be a Hyaluronic Acid Serum).  Here is a link to a review of my favorite Vitamin C Serum that I use before moisturizing my skin: MyChelle The Perfect C Serum Review

Dr Oz: How to Winterize Your Feet

Dr Oz asked his audience if they think it is true or false that a pumice stone is an essential tool for dry, cracked heels.  The answer is that is false!  If you have open areas with sores on your feet, then a pumice stone (which can trap bacteria) can cause infection.  Instead, click here to learn how to do Dr Oz’s Dry Cracked Heel Home Remedy

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