Dr Oz: How To Winterize Your Skin: Dry, Cracking & Aging Skin Tips


Doctor Oz gave tips on How to Winterize Your Skin and prevent dry, cracking and aging skin.  The same concepts apply in the summer, except you do not have to be as worried since it is generally more humid in a lot of climates, and since the heat is not on in homes, the air is not as dry.  Dr Oz said that as cold air hits your skin, you get small cracks in your skin and there is a layer of fat that blocks the moisture from coming out of your skin and getting dehydrated, which then gets exposed to air as your skin cracks.  Dr David Leffell, a consultant to Dove, said that the two biggest problems for your skin in the winter is that the heat makes your home have dry air and that people use soaps, cleansers and body washes that strip off their oily layer and do not replace them.  Dove Nutrium technology apparently replaces the top oily layer after washing your skin, so that your skin does not get dried out.  Dry, Cracking & Aging Skin Tips

6 Steps to Winterize Your Skin:

1. Watch the Cleanser – avoid soaps or harsh cleansers that make your skin dried out.  Look for soaps that nourish and moisturize while you cleanse.


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