Dr Oz: Hula Hoop Workout: Hula Hoop Girl Workout Christabel Zamor


Dr Oz always does a magnificent job of finding the most fun looking workouts!  And he did it again with Christabel Zamor’s HoopGirl Workout which is a Hula Hoop Workout Plan.  Millions of kids loved to hula hoop in the 1950’s and 1960’s, but now this novelty toy is making its return.  Doctor Oz demonstrated the Hula Girl Workout with Zamor and they looked like they were having an excellent time!

Dr Oz: Hula Girl Workout

Christabel Zamor, founder of the Hoop Girl Workout, said that the Hoop Girl Hula Hoops have friction tips on them and Dr Oz Hulagirl Workoutare weighted, so that people who could never hula when they were younger (that would be me!) can now do it!  And you burn 600 calories in an hour, while toning your muscles. Major wow factor – a fun workout with so many added perks!

Dr Oz: HoopGirl Hula Hoop Workout

Here are the moves that Christabel Zamor taught to Dr Oz:


  1. Teresa says

    Watched the Dr. Oz show featuring the new Hula Hoop. It looks so fun. I’m 60 years old. When the Hula Hoop first came out I had one. My sisters also had theirs. We had so much fun without thinking it was exercise. I’m glad to see it make a comeback. I think I would still find it fun, but with the intention of improving my health and physique.

  2. hooping class says

    What a totally fun way to work out. They are now having these classes at Nampa fit studio. So fun

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