Dr Oz: Hunger In America’s Middle Class


Dr Oz: The New Face of Hunger In America

Being a paycheck away from a food pantry is more commonplace than it had been ten years ago. Today, middle class families, that used to make good incomes, are finding it more and more difficult to feed their families. Think this couldn’t happen to you? Forty-six million Americans are living below the poverty line, with the children suffering the most, according to Bill Shore, founder and CEO of Share Our Strength. Out of 45 million of those using food stamps, half of that amount is going to feed children. Share Our Strength is a non-profit organization that helps those in need. For more information, check out www.nokidhungry.org and find out what you can do to help today.


  1. says

    I just watched your tv show of today re: hunger in America and immediately went to your website and began a monthy donation — those of us who have more than enough don’t have any idea how some people are living and especially those in the cities. We contribute to our local food bank but realize the problem goes far beyond our little town and many more folks need our help!

  2. Jan G. says

    Doing a monthly donation, your show was powerful. Hope my donation helps in some small way. Doing a donation to our food bank is good but the problem is larger than just our small area. Hope your show speaks to many giving souls. God bless you and Merry Christmas.

  3. Marlene Zawacki says

    I just watched you show on hunger in america, growing up in Germany as one of nine children, there where many days when just having a slice of bread a day was it. My father would rather had his food in liquid form then have us get any healthy food. I’m over sixty now and I can make a good meal out of very little.
    I see many people with food stamps just buying junk foods. I do give to the local food pantry however, because I know what it is like to be hungry.

  4. says

    I watched Dr. Oz tonight and I have never been so angry! Not at Dr. Oz, I am so grateful for him as so many of us are; but for the topic. Children in our GREAT country are going hungry! COME ON! Really? I am so (to put it politely) ticked off. I recently saw a magazine article on Mrs. Obama and ‘her’ White House Garden. She was photographed with several children along with her daughters eating in the White House yard. She should be ashamed at herself! WHY is she not helping feed the hungry children with that wonderful garden of hers? I don’t see her girls going hungry! Does she even teach her girls about the reality of AMERICA? Come on Dr. Oz, why don’t you go to the source of the solution? After all, Obama is the president of OUR country and should be addressing these problems. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE should be going hungry in this most POWERFUL country in the world. How about the government STOP paying farmers for NOT growing food and let them grow it and pay the farmers for donating it to the hungry? PLEASE, PLEASE, respond to this. I am so very anxious to know if you really do care. PLEASE!

  5. Thalia L. says

    I watched the Dr. Oz show regarding hunger in America. Sadly, the topic of families, children and our elderly attempting to survive with little or no food in this great nation is not new. For years I have seen television programs (i.e Feed the Children) about families going hungry here in the United States. So why is this epidemic more prevelent today ? 1) Out-sourcing of jobs to other countries = no job, no paycheck, can’t provide for family. Next time you call customer service ask representative where are they located or check the clothing labels before making your next purchase. 2) American greed. Corporations are moving main operations abroad and are getting tax breaks. Make them move back onto U.S. soil or get nothing. 3) Our attitude. Some of us think we’re too good to perform certain jobs, it’s beneath us. We complain too much, who has this or that, what you don’t have. Well guess what America, China’s not complaining. Watch ABC network Christmas Shopping ‘Made in America’ which aired on 11/29/2011. We are all a paycheck away from finding ourselves like the families that Dr.Oz introduced to us on his program. And Ms. Munroe, hunger and the problems of the nations existed long before there was a President Obama or the First Lady’s garden. He inherited this epidemic that has been passed down from leadership to leadership. So I do agree that he should do something such as ceasing all tax benefits to corporations who outsource and move abroad. Bring our jobs back home !

  6. Teresa Snell says

    I wish Dr Oz would get a link to communicate with Misty. I am local to her and would lime to help. My husband hasn’t worked for a year and if it wasn’t for my job as a nurse we would be in their position. Please keep going to school for you and your family!!!
    I tried to look on Facebook for her …

  7. Caty says

    I also know how hard it is to feed a family when the family income is below the poverty line, but the Oklahoma mom evidently still has enough money to buy makeup, which could have gone to food instead. I do have a suggestion, made from years of experience (my poverty was in the 80’s)–before you buy anything else, lay in a 25 or 50 lb bag of beans and the same amount of brown rice. Keep a pot of each at the ready. That way, everybody can at least get full, and the combination does make a complete protein along with lots of other nutrients. oh, and for the under 5 year old kids, look into WIC to keep them in milk.

  8. Momma Madi says

    I watched the Dr.Oz Hunger in America show and cried because the children of our country should not be going hungry. As a parent of a two year old who got laid off earlier this year this is a scary reality that too many families are facing now. Jobs, we need jobs to be able to properly provide for our children a basic necessity like food. Shame on our government for looking the other way when it comes to our children. I was moved by the Whites story and wish Dr. Oz would have provided a link to correspond with them. I would like to make donations to that family directly.

  9. says

    Dear Dr. Oz

    I have said many times, it is time to take care of America , While it is good to help people
    around the world. I am sorry to say we can not afford to give so much away any more.
    As the saying goes charity, begins at home. Thank you for your great show.
    And may God Bless you, in all of your endeavors.

  10. Brenda McClendon says

    How do I get in touch with the families you featured on the show? It is evident that they need extra help and I’m willing to help in some small way by sending boxes of food to them. Thanks.

  11. Bita Kamali says

    Hello I watch the show hunger in America how can I get in touch with the families featured on your show. Please sent informantion so we can help.


  12. Dottie Kyle says

    The show on Hunger was such a wake up call. We keep sending money to other countries when we have our own children starving. People who send large sums of money out of the country should be required to donate an equal amount to our own country. I would also like to send help to the families from the show if Dr Oz et al would be so kind as to send addresses. I am now medically retired, however, last fall, my work had a competition to bring in food for our local food bank. My group brought in a little over 4,000 pounds. The winning group brought in 6,000 pounds. There were other groups who also participated. We were very proud of what we did even though we were second place. I always buy extra groceries to put in the boxes at our grocery store. If everyone would just buy a couple of things to donate, we could take care of many hungry families. But again, if the families don’t mind, please let us know how to send them some help. Thanks!

  13. Robinlynn says

    I love Dr.Oz and your empathy.I too would like to have a p.o box for the featured families.All the worlds children deserve to thrive.Its hateful to blame the Obamas or any one person.
    Community and helping each other is what we are supposed to do, it is the right thing to do.
    It would be great to have a community garden in some of these places especially in the warmer locations.I am sure that tons of people would love to donate money to purchase a track of land and vegetable seeds etc in order to begin growing a large portion of food.Of
    course that is just one idea to improve their condition.When I hear srories like this I remember ..there by the grace of God go I in other words that could be me or you and if it were me I would hope for the golden rule to be practiced.Inner peace and thriving for all of us everywhere!!

  14. wendy brown foley says

    hi..i saw the segment on hunger. I could not believe no one thought of having a garden! Have a lawn? Turn it into a garden! Whats more important, having a pretty lawn or feeding the family? There are free mailorder catalogs where seeds are cheap. And if someone has ok soil (not sand) a person can grow many things! Thanks! Ps: i myself am financially challenged so i know what its like

  15. Sarah says

    The show was very sad. I had a few problems with some of the families though….the Whites chose to have five children, a choice some of us haven’t made due to finances. Also, the father came home at 4:20 in the afternoon and played with his kids. My husband works till 7 or 8 each night bringing home the bacon. WHy doesn’t the mother work the night shift as a nurse? I would do all that to feed my kids. Also, the mother who was crying outside the food center was doing irreparable harm to her son who stood by and watched. Why did they bring him in the first place? I help food centers with donations all the time, so I’m not shallow or mean spirited. I just found these things strange and I don’t think they were doing all they could to combat their circumstances.

  16. Jordan says

    Want to help Misty? Send help to: Tulsa, Oklahoma: The Whites
    White Family Support Trust
    P.O. Box 21228 Dept #175
    Tulsa OK 74121

  17. says

    many cities have community gardens…eugene ,or, austin,mn, los angeles….i live in san diego and grow organic fruit…my daughter grows beets, spinach, apples, herbs, onions, garlic….

  18. says

    growing up in minnesota, my brother and i helpedmy mother garden and can….we had green beans, corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, rhubarb…..when i was a college student, i made my own bread, yougurt, jams…and we cooked a lot of lentil and bean soup….i also made a lot of cornbread, ….there are many nutritrious cakes you can make with powdered milk yougurt , and fruit……also popcorn is a inexpensive and nutritrious snack…the govt used to provide peanut butter, powdered milk, rice, dried eggs to low income families in the seventies

  19. says

    morse junior high in san diego has its o9wn garden….and the students tend the garden and cook from the garden…….much of mrs obamas garden goes to the poor……it is true that america needs to start making its own items and stop outsourcing…also we need to stop hiring illegal labor

  20. says

    mrs whites children are in school all day…she could get a job…when i was a grad student, i worked 3 part time jobs, had a small child,made my own bread, yougurt, soups, and made my own clothes….now there are great thrift shops…..mrs white could cook more of her own foods from scratch,,,,and join a community garden…also her children could help her in the garden…
    we used to can a lot of produce….when i was a kid, it was a great family project

  21. says

    in the50s we all used to help one another…we gavea lot of our surplus food to our neighbors….and we used to can our own foods and often would helpa neighbor pick food and can….some of our neighbors had foods we did not, so we would trade items…..small children can help weed a garden, wash green beans pick fruit, vegetables….

  22. says

    It is just plain stupid to think anyone needs to go hungry in America or to put up with hunger. If we see food needy people we can give them the addresses of the public aid office to get food stamps and in the meantime the address of a church that can direct them to a food pantry and possible transportation to it. And yes there are emergency food stamps to ask for. Some people need to take more responsible care not to conceive more children than they can afford . People are not animals and need not act like them. And finally and top priority, the government should be making sure ” every able bodied and willing American who wants and needs jobs are given choices to work and support themselves and their families at a living wage.

  23. Jennifer LaFlamme says

    I would love to send these two families a check for some groceries. Any way the dr.oz show can help me do this??

  24. Patricia says

    Dr. Oz.
    I live in Louiville, Ky and when I saw that are area was one of the area that was affected by the Hunger in America I was surprised.I would like to do a food drive. Please send me the info for the Louisville, Ky area. Thank you for your show and bringing this to are attention. I think you should run the show again. God Bless and Happy Holidays to you and your staff.

  25. Sue says

    I worked with Scott White in AZ and both me, separate from our office group, sent money and never heard back. We sent it to the White trust fund….did they get it?

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