Dr Oz: Hydracoach Water Bottle, Snackmaster Dehydrator & Avo Saver


Dr Oz: Snackmaster Express Food Dehydrator

In this segment, Dr Oz introduced Dede Wilson from Bon Apetit Magazine. Dede brought along 3 cutting edge devices that can help you cut calories and keep you slim and trim.

This device has several different layers to help you slowly draw moisture out of food. Dr Oz Food Dehydrator Dede placed kale onto one of the layers. Dr Oz had some audience members try it and they stated it tasted delicious. The Snackmaster Express Food Dehydrator sells for $39 and you can purchase it online. Dr Oz gave all the audience members one to take home.

Dr Oz Avo Saver

This tiny avocado shaped device is used to keep avocados from oxidizing. Simply place the fruit into the Avo Saver to keep it fresh. This device sells for $4 online. Dr Oz gave one to all audience members to take home.

Dr Oz Hydracoach Intelligent Water Bottle

This battery-operated device tells you how much water you should drink and keeps track for you throughout the day. Simply input your stats and this smart device will take care of the rest. This little goodie sells for $30 online.


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