Dr Oz: Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfects Cuts: Mom Myths Exposed

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Dr Oz: Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfects Cuts: Mom Myths Exposed

By on November 23, 2010

Dr Oz did a show called Mom Myths: Everything Your Mother Told You Was Wrong, where he revealed myths that your mother probably told you.  Doctor Oz was joined by Science Bob to do a an experiment to reveal the truth about if Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfects Cuts or if it is a myth, but please do not try this experiment at home! Dr Oz Hydrogen Peroxide Myth

Dr Oz: Mom Myth #4: Applying Hydrogen Peroxide to a Cut Will Disinfect It

Dr Oz said that moms often reach for the Hydrogen Peroxide in the brown bottle whenever their child gets a cut or scrape, but does the foam and bubbling action of Hydrogen Peroxide on a scrap really help to prevent infection?  Dr Oz said that Hydrogen Peroxide is ineffective at cleaning wounds, because your body releases a chemical that can neutralize the hydrogen peroxide before it even goes into you.  Surgeons use hydrogen peroxide to clean infected wounds sometimes, but you should not do it because the Hydrogen Peroxide kills bacteria along with your own healthy cells.

Dr Oz and Science Bob did an experiment to show how there is no bubbling if you pour hydrogen peroxide on skin that does not have a cut.  But if your skin has a cut, then there is a chemical reaction that makes bubbling when you pour on the Hydrogen Peroxide – but it is just a chemical reaction and does not really help you.  Dr Oz suggested that instead of putting Hydrogen Peroxide on cuts and scrapes, just run cold water over it and put on some antibiotic ointment.  Dr Oz said that a general rule of thumb is that if you cannot put something in your eye, then do not put it on a wound.  But who would put antibiotic ointment in their eye?  I guess that is why it is a general rule!

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Comments to Dr Oz: Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfects Cuts: Mom Myths Exposed

  1. That stuff about hydrogen perozide not working/being uselesss…. that’s the biggest BS I’ve ever heard. If that’s so, then why is Oz [was he ever proven a REAL doctor?] the ONLY one who’s ever come out with this? Why is it not on the News Channel? Or at the very least, Yahoo news? Is it onyl a COINCIDENCE cuts/scrapes get better faster with HP?!?! Whenever I haven’t used it, I’ve gotten a painful infection and it took a lot longer to heal. ‘Rinse with water and dab with anitbiotic ointment’? …… If a kid has a high FEVER and is ill and you splash them with water and give them a freakin popsicle they will feel better for a while, the fever may drop a few degrees….. but it won’t get the deeper cause and it CERTAINLY doesn’t replace tylonol and such

    I know that for every so-called ”expert”’ out there with an opinion, you have ten more with an opposite opinion…. But this? Quakery. i could come up with any ol’ picture and charts and reports and set up my own experiments to prove unicorns exists… and it still doesn’t mean its true

  2. My mom has tons of years of experience in the medical field, is in the profession herself, and says all that Oz stuff is BS…..

  3. I don’t get it… Just a chemical reaction? Just kills healthy, living cells? Why ISN’T this on the news then? And why does it bubble in my sink then? [Yet not on the walls or floors] How does your skin supposedly neutralize a dis-infectant [HP]? What’re Oz’s credentials again? Is this kinda like the ”thoery” that its only a coincidence sugar makes kids hyper?

  4. Oh, I get it! First Aid should always translate into a trip to the ER…..Cost?…..Put it on Visa!
    If they would decide to use peroxide, they would likely charge…um…okay…isn’t it about $80 for an ace bandage.? So the peroxide would get buried under some kind of pseudomedical procedure and the cost would hinge on how impressive the medical terminology was. But that would be okay. I went the the ER and got jammed for $300.00 when I had no *&^&%$ insurace. Oh what did they do? they took my temperature and my blood pressure (for back pain) and since the physician didn’t know why I was in pain, he prescibed me Valium. -Go figure!

    Is this a physician’s myth???

    Hydrogen peroxide, according to Dr. David G. Williams, has been used successfully to treat fungal and yeast Infections. Peroxide dries out your ear canal making it harder for an infection to stay active.


  5. Ronnie Buchanan says:

    “Dr” OZ clearly has no understanding in the chemical reactions of h202 (hydrogen peroxide).
    First; if hydrogen peroxide were that deadly to kill living cells then why is it that when you ingest vitamin C it becomes hydrogen peroxide through the process of be metabolized? and vitamin c is good for you isnt it?
    second: H202 when its metabolized releases a free radical into your body, yes we all know that free radicals are bad for you, but a certain amount is required to provide functioning to your immune system your white blood cells use them for energy.
    third: if it were so deadly to use then why is that clinical trials have been continuing to research a Intravenous solution of saline and h202 in the battle to fight cancer? and having positive results?
    Dr OZ like every other left brain thinking doctor can really be caught on a lot of their propaganda.

  6. It’s really very simple.

    h2o2 breaks down to h2o and o (which becomes o2) – oxygen is fatal to anaerobic bacteria (which is what infects most skin cuts).

    So, no, h2o2 itself is not the agent, the released oxygen IS, and Dr Oz is a moron.

  7. brenda robertson says:

    WOW. who’s the DR. here, & whose the morons? what a buncha comment CRAP! you should ALL be ashamed of yourselves.

  8. Jolly African American says:

    …said the retard that believes this bs

  9. I bet Obama believes this BS!


  11. jacquie says:

    After a recent cut my son got outside, I did a lot of research and there were actually many medical studies done that prove hydrogen peroxide isn’t really useful in cleaning wounds.

  12. jacquie says:

    After a recent cut my son got outside, I did a lot of research and there were actually many medical studies done that prove hydrogen peroxide isn’t really useful in cleaning wounds.

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