Dr Oz: Hypothyroidism: Thyroid Gland Prevents Weight Loss


Dr. Oz: Thyroid Gland Can Make It Difficult To Lose Weight

You’ve been dieting, exercising, and following Dr Oz’s suggestions to the tee, however, you still can’t seem to lose those unwanted pounds.  In this segment, get your gloves ready.  Dr Oz and an audience member show you the organ that may be prohibiting you from losing weight.

The Thyroid Gland: Many have heard of it but some would not recognize it if it fell from the sky and landed at your feet!  The thyroid gland is a stem-like organ that is located in your neck.  A malfunctioning thyroid may make it difficult for you lose to weight and to demonstrate this, Dr Oz pulled out a member of the audience to perform an experiment.


  1. Georgina S Frazer says

    I was diagnosed years ago in 40s that I had a thyroid problem after asking doctor
    cuz I was soooooooooooooo tired and my grandmother (mother’s side) died of
    goitre at age 40 before I was born.Due toa mixup I wasn’t given mediocation until
    a year later when I mentioned I was still tired. She asked me if I was taking the eds
    she prescribed – said ‘no’ didn’t get. Girls forgot to send it into drugstore. It makes
    a wonderful difference. My bassethound also had a low thyroid same as mine hypol

    Well I indeed had it and have been on meds. So ask for test.Have lots of chronic problems but 77 now
    Excellent info here.

  2. Annie says

    I had a blood test in January and was told that it was normal for thyroid. I am so frustrated!
    I am eating right, but can’t seem to lose weight, in fact i have gained nearly 50 lbs in 2 years. i have been logging my food, and averaging 1500 calories a day. I get fatigued within a few hours of waking, and have very little energy. i signed up for the “Transformation Nation”, and am working diligently at focusing on eating healthy and getting at least 20-30 min of exercise per day. My hair has thinned out. Often my digestion seems very sluggish. I am greatful for this site when i am not able to watch your show.

  3. Georgina S Frazer says

    I forgot to mention that I also lost my hair. My Basset as well as me gained weight
    but after the meds we were both OK. She developed Addisons tho
    Only blood tests tell the tale.

  4. Georgina S Frazer says

    Sorry but I just remembered my mother had the overactive thyroid and would cry
    at nothing and lost weight. Was very hyper till diagnosis. So it works both ways.
    Mine and my basset was the underactive one.

  5. Donna says

    There is nothing more frustrating than having the doctor tell you that your results are “normal” even though you have an enlarged thyroid, you are gaining weight despite everything, your hair is thinning and falling out, your skin is getting so dry you are feeling like a snake as well as a lot of the other symptoms of a thyroid problem and there is nothing wrong with you. I should also mention that my grandmother had a thyroidectomy and my sister had the radioactive iodine treatment so thyroid issues do run in the family.

  6. Annie says

    I do take comfort in knowing that I am not alone in my frustration. I am taking one day at a time and trying to keep a positive attitude.

  7. Jen says

    To Annie, try another doctor or ask for your exact thyroid test scores. I had gone to a doctor who told me I was fine and just getting fat—after gaining 30lbs in about 4 months. He said my thyroid level was normal. Well when I mentioned this to another doctor, who was more willing to listen, she mentioned that my thyroid level was on the very low side of normal—barely making the range. She prescribed a low dosage and it’s been very helpful. Still hard to lose the weight, but at least the weight gain has stopped. Bottom line if you feel like crap and your doctor isn’t helping– find a new doctor 🙂 mine also recommended a nutritionist, so good doctors want to help you, not just tell you “to lose weight”

  8. Tina says

    I am 37 years old and i have been on meds for 4 years. Seems like everything has went good. But the last year and a half i seem to be tired and keep gaining weight no matter what i do!! I use to be a bartender and now i clean houses so i am doing more physical work. So i just don’t understand. I have been tested again and they say my thyroid is doing good with meds.

  9. Annie says

    I have read that the thyroid can be so out of whack, that the test results can be wrong. I wish there was an easy answer, but it looks like I am going to have to get another opinion!

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