Dr Oz: Hysterectomy & Heart Disease, Japan Nuclear Radiation Danger

By on March 30, 2011

Dr Oz Hysterectomies Cause Heart Disease

Dr Oz: The Truth Behind The Headlines

Doctor Oz’s show called The Truth Behind The Headlines covered all of the latest news stories that relate to our health: from cell phones causing Cancer to Diet Soda increasing your risk of having a stroke.  Dr Oz revealed what is a true health risk and what is just hype.  In the first segment, Dr Oz spoke about the connection between having a Hysterectomy and Heart Disease, which is something all women must read!  He also spoke about the dangers of Japan’s Nuclear Meltdown and how the disaster in Japan might impact all of us.  Also, click here for a recap of the second segment that discussed Cell Phones Causing Cancer and the link between Diet Soda and Strokes: Dr Oz: Cell Phone Cancer Risk & Diet Soda Causes Strokes .

Dr Oz: Japan Nuclear Radiation Threat

Rachel McNeil reported that Houston residents are less than 100 miles away from a Nuclear Reactor, and they want to learn from the catastrophe in Japan.  Dr Oz Hysterectomy & Heart DiseaseWhen a Nuclear Plant explodes, radioactive material gets carried by droplets via the air and can contaminate drinking water, crops and wildlife – in addition to our breathing air.  The radioactive material can cause Cancer in the long term.

Dr Oz was joined by Michio Kaku, author of Physics of the Future, who said that the radiation in Japan can impact us in the US.  Radiation spreads by food, people on international flights and through the air.  When the Nuclear Plant exploded in Japan, plumes of radiation went up into the air and can sail over the Pacific Ocean and reach us here.  Kaku said that all of us have a part of Chernobyl in us from the Chernobyl Disaster, and in fact iodine was found in milk in NYC from Chernobyl.

As the plume of radiation goes across the Pacific Ocean, it will fall first on the West Coast of the US (specifically California).  Doctor Oz asked Kaku why the radiation is not as severe for us as it is for the people living in Japan?  If you are close to where the radiation is released, there is not much atmosphere for the radiation to disperse in.  As Michio Kaku said: “The Solution To Pollution Is Dillution!”  The Nuclear Fallout is much less 200 miles away in the Japanese Islands than right by the Nuclear Plant that exploded, and by the time it reaches the US it will be very diluted.  Kaku said there is always a little radiation around us, but at some point it does not really matter.

Dr Oz said that he is not really worried about the radiation in the air, but he is more concerned about how food in Japan might be impacted.  Food in Japan has been contaminated with iodine, cesium and other elements that are water soluble and get into the soil and water supply.  From there, the cows ingest it and it gets into the milk supply.  These elements were even found in tap water in Tokyo.

Dr Oz: Potassium Iodine Pills Prevent Thyroid Cancer

Dr Cynara Coomer, the Chief of Breast Surgery at Staten Island University Hospital and FOX News Health Contributor, spoke about how radiation in food can effect people’s health.  Dr Coomer said that the radiation can get absorbed into our blood stream and into our tissues, which causes a release of free radicals that damage our cells, weaken our immune systems and eventually can lead to Cancer.  At the minimum, Dr Coomer said that eating food with radiation can lead to Radiation Sickness which causes headaches, neurological deficits, loss of appetite and GI symptoms.

Dr Oz again stressed his concern over the food in Japan, especially products like seafood, tuna, seaweed, vegetables, beer and milk.  Apparently, Japanese Spinach, tap water and Fava Beans all have an increased elevation in radiation in Japan.  This is why the FDA has banned milk, fruit and vegetables grown in radiation effected areas.  Luckily, we have strict rules and radiation counters in place from 9/11 when we were worried about dirty bombs.

Doctor Oz said that people in America, especially in California, have been running out to get Potassium Iodine Pills to help prevent Thyroid Cancer in case they get exposed to radiation.  In fact, so many people have gone out to buy Potassium Iodine Pills that there is a shortage and it is nearly impossible to get.  Dr Cynara Cooper said that there is very little benefit to people on the West Coast taking Potassium Iodine Pills, because they are really meant for people who are directly effected by the nuclear accident.  For people in California, the risk of hurting themselves from taking the pills is much greater than any benefit.  So Dr Cynara suggests throwing the pills out if you already bought them, especially the prescription-strength Potassium Iodine Pills which are 300-700 times the natural dose).  Instead, Dr Oz suggested increasing your source of iodine naturally in your diet in the form of iodized salt, strawberries, milk and spinach.  The whole concept of using Potassium Iodine Pills for people exposed to radiation comes from Chernobyl, where people with low Iodine levels were found to be more likely to get Thyroid Cancer.

Dr Oz: Hysterectomies Cause Heart Disease

Dr Oz next discussed the latest research that shows that Hysterectomies cause Heart Disease.  Lee Jordan reported from the Cleveland Clinic and said that the latest buzz is that a new study from Sweden has found a link between Heart Disease and Hysterectomies.  People who have a Hysterectomy before the age of 50 have a 20% higher risk of getting Heart Disease, and the risk doubles if a woman has both a Hysterectomy and her ovaries removed.

Doctor Oz has mentioned several times that Hysterectomies are the most unnecessary surgery we have (click here to read a recap of the last segment where Dr Oz said that Hysterectomies are the #1 surgery that you do not need: Dr Oz Hysterectomy).  Many women who need a Hysterectomy also have other risks of having Heart Disease, so it is hard to conclude with 100% certainty that it is the Hysterectomy that is causing the Heart Disease.  However, Hysterectomies compromise your uterus and sometimes your ovaries, and especially if you are younger than 50, these parts of your body are supposed to produce Estrogen to keep your arteries young.

Dr Oz did a demonstration to show how hormones are supposed to support HDL Cholesterol (healthy cholesterol) in your body, which protects your arteries.  As you go through hormone changes as you age, you lose some of your HDL Cholesterol.  But when you have a Hysterectome, it is like losing the majority of your HDL Cholesterol all at once.  Your body then replaces the HDL Cholesterol with LDL Cholesterol (bad cholesterol) which  causes plaque to grown in your arteries.  Experts say that 2/3 of all Hysterectomies are unnecessary, which is why this is the most over-performed operation that you don’t need.

Dr Oz: Questions To Ask Before Getting A Hysterectomy

Doctor Oz said that you must ask your doctor the following three questions before getting a Hysterectomy:

1.  Does a test confirm that I need it?

2.  What other less invasive surgeries are options?

3.  What will happen if I don’t get one?

Dr Oz said that if it is a benign problem and won’t kill you, then you might want to strongly reconsider having a Hysterectomy.

Please pass this article on to all of your friends and family members, and lets save some women from getting unnecessary Hysterectomies!

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