Dr Oz: Hysterectomy & Heart Disease, Japan Nuclear Radiation Danger


Dr Oz Hysterectomies Cause Heart Disease

Dr Oz: The Truth Behind The Headlines

Doctor Oz’s show called The Truth Behind The Headlines covered all of the latest news stories that relate to our health: from cell phones causing Cancer to Diet Soda increasing your risk of having a stroke.  Dr Oz revealed what is a true health risk and what is just hype.  In the first segment, Dr Oz spoke about the connection between having a Hysterectomy and Heart Disease, which is something all women must read!  He also spoke about the dangers of Japan’s Nuclear Meltdown and how the disaster in Japan might impact all of us.  Also, click here for a recap of the second segment that discussed Cell Phones Causing Cancer and the link between Diet Soda and Strokes: Dr Oz: Cell Phone Cancer Risk & Diet Soda Causes Strokes .

Dr Oz: Japan Nuclear Radiation Threat

Rachel McNeil reported that Houston residents are less than 100 miles away from a Nuclear Reactor, and they want to learn from the catastrophe in Japan.  Dr Oz Hysterectomy & Heart DiseaseWhen a Nuclear Plant explodes, radioactive material gets carried by droplets via the air and can contaminate drinking water, crops and wildlife – in addition to our breathing air.  The radioactive material can cause Cancer in the long term.

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