Dr Oz: Incomplete Urinary Emptying Tests & Remedies


Dr Oz: Incomplete Urinary Emptying Symptoms

Do you constantly feel like you should be in the Guiness Book of World Records with the World’s Smallest Bladder? It may not be in your head. You may have a condition called Incomplete Urinary Emptying. This condition affects millions of women across the country and you may be one.

Dr Oz brought up Patricia, an audience member who stated that she was constantly running to the bathroom.


  1. Beverley Grace says

    PLEASE remove that toatally time-wasting link about “5 foods to never eat” by Isobel & ???
    from your website – after 10 minunutes they were just blabbing on about nothing and never got to the topic – were they just pretending to be part of your website – did you really allow such a useless link??? I’ve always trusted your judgment – was i wrong???

  2. Sue says

    Just a note on emptying the bladder.. I have handles on my raised toilet. I void, then lean forward and am able to void as much or much..then wait a minute, lean forward again and void..

    Am obese..may be why..but think have had a prolapsed bladder since 1st child.. If I don’t have the higher seat and handles, am unable to fully void..leaving me very ‘waterlogged’. I would rather do it like this than have surgery. My gynecologist agrees and had told me she hadn’t heard of this but does tell her clients to move around a bit..leaning this way and that..as the bladder’s structure is not always the same..

  3. says

    my urlogist told me i got ic dealing with the bladder i get a hydrostetion about every 3 months and am on meds for it, it doesn’t have a cure had it since 2000, but get relief when i get the bladder hydrostetion done

  4. Brenda Mignardi says

    My urologist told me to pee once, wait a minute or so, then try to pee again. He said this should always be done. I’m surprised that Dr. Oz has never mentioned it. There’s other stuff that Canadian doctors recommend that I’m surprised aren’t included in the basic stuff Dr. Oz covers. Ideally, we should put out approx 1 -1.5 litres of pee daily.

  5. Sue says

    I think the smoothie was just ground up flaxseed in a fruit juice…. re: my previous post.. I failed to mention that before I did the lean forward thing I got uti’s all the time..no more. And when I’m leaning forward, I’m pushing downward on the handles..hope this works for others, too. The handicapped stalls in public restrooms have higher toilets and grab bars..this works, too.

  6. Myra says

    I have suffered terribly for many years. I went through a bladder uplift and a hysterectomy and the problem still persists. I had all sorts of tests in the doctor’s office where they fill up your bladder and check how you void. No answer. Then I did some reading and discovered that I may have a cystocele and a rectocele, which is a hernia. This did not show up on an examination because the herniated area did not extend during an examination. I asked the doctor for a pessary and now I am so much better.

  7. Beth says

    I am in trouble. I am a diabetic who’s sugars are on average 375 – 400. My A1 is 17. I am having burning down my spine and have been on medication from the clinic for it and it is not getting better it is getting worse. Now I am having trouble peeing. I can not pee unless I lean all the way forward. I almost have to put my head on the tub now. The Dr. I see at the clinic does not see this as a problem. I do. Before you say change Dr’s I cant. I do not have insurance and we are broke. I cant work because of my health problems so I have to go to the local clinic. I am scared. I know something is wrong but I fill like I am screaming at a brick wall. Please does anyone have a idea on what I can do.. Also my urin smells like a dirty sock sometimes but it is clear.

  8. Annie says

    I have chonic urinary retention and know a thing or two about this topic. Do not ever try to push urine out – this only makes the problem worse – Make an apt with a qualified urologist instead!

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