Dr Oz: Infertility & Pregnancy Problems: Arctic Zero Ice Cream Review


Dr Oz 400th Episode

Dr Oz did a show on his Biggest Makeovers & Health Transformations.  Nancy was a previous Dr Oz guest that had battled her weight her entire life. She had always been the chubby girl when she was growing up. Her husband always told her that he didn’t care what she looked like—but she did. At the age of 28, Nancy hit 367 lbs. She and her husband wanted to have a baby but doctors told her that at her current weight, pregnancy could kill her. She was heartbroken. Nancy stated that her sister was her best friend and when she had a baby, Nancy cried while holding her nephew. She had never felt that type of love before. That had been a turning point. That’s when she knew she had to do something in order to have her own child.


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