Dr. Oz & Ingrid Hoffmann Better By Half Recipes – Low Fat & Healthy


Doctor Oz and Ingrid Hoffmann, author of Simply Delicioso: A Collection of Everyday Recipes with a Latin Twist, gave some delicious “Better By Half” Recipes including Ingrid Hoffmann’s Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie Recipe, Ingrid Hoffmann’s Broccoli & Celery Slaw Recipe, and Ingrid Hoffmann’s Mini Cuban Burger Recipe – so now nobody has any excuse for not eating a healthy diet, because you can easily use these tips to cut the fat and calories in half!  So cut the guilt and bad ingredients in half, and use these training wheels to re-train your family’s taste-buds to eat healthier foods.Ingrid Hoffmann Better By Half Recipes

Better By Half Recipes by Dr Oz & Ingrid Hoffmann

1.  Instead of using only beef for your burgers, use half beef and half turkey.  Some other healthy eating tips include using ground chicken and ground buffalo.


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