Dr Oz: Insiders Guide to Get the Best for the Least: Free Pap Smear


Doctor Oz did a show called the Insider’s Guide to Getting the Best for the Least to teach us how to save money at the doctor’s office.  Dr Oz knows that 15 million of us are unemployed and millions of others are scrambling just to make ends meet.  Feeding our families and paying bills can really start to add up and most people are making less money than just 10 years ago.  In addition, 45 million of us do not have health insurance and others with health insurance are under-insured, which means that 50% of people are skipping doctors visits, dentist visits and prescriptions.  Dr Oz gave a list of how to dramatically cut your medical expenses at four different medical professionals.

Free Pap Smears

Dr Evelyn Minaya, an ObGyn, has been a practicing doctor for 16 years and told Dr Oz that sometimes patients have Dr Oz Free Clinicsthe misconception that doctor’s are just about the business.  But most doctors are there to take care of  you and actually care about you (though sometimes I have run into doctors for whom this is definitely not the case).  I was shocked to hear Dr. Minaya say that you can get a free pap smear the 2nd Friday of each January.  So this January, lets all promise to get get our free pap smear.  You just have to print something out at NCCC-Online.org to get a Free Pap Smear.


  1. Ellen says

    Where can I get a copy of Dr. Oz’s Insider Guide Getting the Best for the Least.

    Thank you,


  2. David says

    It is extremely irresponsible for Dr. Oz to broadcast that women can get free pap smears on the second January of 2011. Neither the National Cervical Cancer Coalition nor the states responsible for managing Cervical Cancer Early Detection are aware of this information that Dr. Oz broadcasted. Pap smears at free or reduced costs are eligible through programs for women that financial eligibility requirements. However, there is no designated day that pap smears are free to women who seek one. In the future, it would be beneficial for Dr. Oz to conduct research and provide proper information to the individuals who watch his show. This announcement of free pap smears is misleading and does a disservice to providers of women health services who are being overwhelmed with a demand which cannot be met.

  3. Patti says

    I haven’t had a pap smear exam or any medical exam in 11 years. I can’t afford it. I have no health insurance and doctors I call first thing they ask is Do you have insurance. When I answer no they tell me they aren’t accepting new patients at this time. I don’t know what to do. I am 41 years old and haven’t had a period in 4 months and I need to be looked at.

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