Dr Oz: Insolia Shoe Inserts & Poron Foam: High Heels & Arthritis

By on October 20, 2010

Dr Oz did a segment on if High Heels Cause Arthritis. Did you know that high heels can cause you to get Arthritis all throughout your body?  Your tendons, ligaments and knees take a real beating when you wear heels.  And if the compression continues, you can ruin the cartilage in your knees. Dr Oz Shoe Inserts

Doctor Oz showed a woman who did her PhD thesis on the impact of high heels on developing Arthritis.  She measured the impact of three pairs of shoes: flat shoes , 1.5″ heels and 3″ heels.  She said that the higher your heels, the worse they become for you.

Jacqueline Sutera, DPM joined Dr Oz to discuss the dangers of high heels.  She said you should stick to shoes with a 2″ heel or lower.  The real dangers for Arthritis come from wearing 3″ or 4″ heels because your skeleton does not align properly.  Dr Oz showed an x-ray of a foot in a high heel shoe.  Sutera said that all 26 bones in the foot were in an improper position that made the knees, hips and back all in the wrong alignment.

One of Dr Oz’s staff members took part in a study to show skeletal alignment bare foot versus in high heels.  When she wore no shoes, her feet were firmly planted on the ground and her body was in perfect alignment.  When she put on the 4″ heels, you could see the weight was pushed forward onto her knees and hips, which caused her back to compensate by leaning backwards so that she would not fall over.

Dr Oz: Poron Foam Insoles

Dr Oz showed a brand new technology that makes high heels healthier.  Look for high heels made out of a memory foam called Poron Foam.  The pair of shoes that Dr Oz showed also used flax seeds for what looks like arch support.  I have been looking everywhere for these shoes, and I will definitely let everyone know as soon as I find them!

Dr Oz: Insolia Shoe Inserts

Dr Oz also showed a new scientifically designed shoe insert that beat all of those gel inserts because it redirects your body’s weight to your heal.  I cannot wait to try Dr Oz’s healthy solutions for high heels.  My feet thank you Dr Oz!

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