Dr Oz: Insomnia Causes & Insomnia Cures

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Dr Oz: Insomnia Causes & Insomnia Cures

By on June 1, 2010

Doctor Oz’s episode on Insomnia Causes & Insomnia Cures was a great refresher today.  I originally saw Dr Oz’s Insomnia show on March 10, 2010.  If you missed it, you can read the recap here: Dr Oz Insomnia.  Back then, I was not experiencing insomnia, so the show did not have a massive impact on me at the time.  However, over the past few weeks, I have been having horrible insomnia, and after watching Dr Oz’s Insomnia episode again, I realized that it is some new medication that I started taking that is causing my insomnia.  Dr Oz Insomnia

Lets do a little survey together.  Dr Oz said there are three types of insomnia which are:

Three Types of Insomnia:

1.  Trouble Falling Asleep

2.  Trouble Staying Asleep

3.  Waking-Up Too Early

Dr Oz also says there are 3 main causes of insomnia, which are:

3 Insomnia Causes:

Insomnia Cause #1:  Medications

Insomnia Reason #2:  Anxiety

Insomnia Reason #3:  Snoring

So here is the insomnia survey.  If you are experiencing insomnia, or if you have previously experienced insomnia, which of the three types of insomnia do you have and which of the three insomnia causes do you believe apply to you?  The final question is, what have you found most effective in treating your insomnia?  Answer all of the questions in the comment section below – I really think we can help each other fight off insomnia together!

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Comments to Dr Oz: Insomnia Causes & Insomnia Cures

  1. helen woods says:

    I can’t fall asleep. Currently using temazepam (15mgs) and benadryl. Exhausted.

  2. Martin Gonzales says:

    I have had insomia for 2 years , I feel like I’m dying. Major stress was the cause. Stress was cleared but still have trouble falling asleep. It’s horrible ! Went to sleep doc . Prescribed temazepan gives me head ache . The anxiety prior to going to bed is what keeps me up . I have also tried over the counter natural supplements . Please help

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