Dr Oz: iPosture, Nature’s Bounty B-12 Liquid Drops & Anti-Exhaustion List


Dr Oz: Anti-Exhaustion Hot List

Do you feel tired and exhausted all the time? Do you find you need 3 cups of coffee just to begin your day? If this is you, Dr Oz has the remedy. On today’s show, he gave you 4 of the best products on his anti-exhaustion hot list. Plus, find out how to protein pack your day to boost energy.  Even Hoda recently spoke about the merits of Vitamin B-12 Drops on the Today Show!


  1. Dale says

    I tried to purchase the Vit B-12 drops on Natures Bounty site but couldn’t figure out how to make the purchase? No prices and no check out????? Wonder if it had anything to do with the iPhone. Anyone have suggestions ?

  2. says

    You can buy your Verve Energy Drink and other Vemma (acronym for Vitamins, Essential Minerals, Mangosteen & Aloe Vera) products at the websitye below.
    If you need details or product information about Verve Energy Drink please go to:

    Keep a Smile on Your Face and a Rainbow in Your Heart1
    John D. Cates
    Vemma/Verve Independent Distributor ID #215355105

  3. says

    Thanks so much for sharing the information about Vemma’s energy drink, Verve.

    The official site for our Verve energy drinks is Verve.com. Limited time offers in conjunction with the show are available there along with additional information on the three variations of our energy drinks.

  4. says

    Dr. OZ, I have tried energy drinks, starbucks energy drinks, 5-hour energy, and almost sent me to the hospital and give me energy in the beginning after to tried, fatique, stress out. Stop all that cause bad health and reports people that had died. So I believe vitamins are good energy and eating proper, exercise, drinking water.

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