Dr Oz: Irish Moss, Sea Asparagus & Sea Cucumber: Skin Health Foods

Dr Oz: Skin Healthy Foods

Dr Oz did a segment on foods that can help us reach the “fountain of youth” at just a fraction of the cost of the expensive products companies try to sell to us.  Jeff Corwin said that you are what you eat, and foods like Irish Moss, Sea Asparagus and Sea Cucumber help to promote good skin health.  Doctor Oz had Corwin on his show previous to discuss Miracle Berry Tablets (click here to read about that segment: Dr Oz: Miracle Berry Tablets).

Dr Oz: Sea Cucumber

Jeff Corwin’s first miracle food for our skin comes from Japan and is called Sea Cucumber.  As Dr Oz pointed out, it looks somewhat similar to a tongue or Dr Oz Sea Asparagussomething that should be used as an aphrodisiac.  I cannot say that it looked particularly appetizing though.  The Sea Cucumber is actually an animal, not a vegetable, and it has spiny skin like a sand dollar and no skeleton structure.  Sea Cucumber is full of Vitamin A and protein, which are good for your skin.  When you hydrate Sea Cucumber, you can cook it into a Sea Cucumber Stir Fry which is great for skin regeneration (and even Dr Oz’s helper from the audience seemed to think it tasted fine).

Dr Oz: Sea Asparagus

Jeff Corwin’s second miracle food for your skin comes from Hawaii and is called Sea Asparagus.  It is loaded with Vitamin A and Folic Acid, which are key ingredients for skin repair.  You can buy Sea Asparagus for around $10 per pound.  Sea Asparagus is a plant that grows on rocks, so it is not a true seaweed.  I wonder what it tastes like though.  If you have ever tried it, please leave a comment below and let us know what it tastes like and if you enjoy it!

Dr Oz: Irish Moss

Jeff Corwin’s final food that is great for your skin is Irish Moss, which is a true seaweed or type of algae.  In fact, it is a Brown Algae.  You can eat it as is, but it is generally a little salty.  Normally, Corwin suggests soaking it in water and using it as an ingredient in a smoothie shake or to bake it into other foods.  Irish Moss is loaded with Vitamin K, which maintains good skin and minimizes the appearance of dark eye circles.  Dr Oz also said that Vitamin K is great for your bones and blood clotting.



  1. Kim says

    I missed the segment on Irish Moss for dark eye circles. Can you take the supplemental tablets or do you need to use the raw form incorporated into your food?

  2. Redbony says

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