Dr Oz: Iron Chef Challenge: Secret Ingredient: Swiss Chard


Dr Oz did his very first Iron Chef Challenge on his show today.  The idea was for two women to compete to create a savory and Vitamin K Rich Meal.  Doctor Oz brought on two ladies: Chef Christie who likes to experiment with different cuisines and Chef Nancy who likes to make pasta masterpieces and loves Kat Kora (from the real Iron Chef on the Food Network).  Dr Oz had two judges who are real judges on Iron Chef America: Amanda Freitag and Donatella Arpaia.  Arpaia said that they should try to focus on creativity and technique.  Freitag said it is important to stay true to your style and to work very quickly.  The secret ingredient of the day was swiss chard.  So each contestant had 3 minutes to make a stir fry with swiss chard. Dr Oz's Iron Chef Challenge

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