Dr Oz: Is Fish Safe to Eat? Oil Spill Contamination Fears


Doctor Oz discussed if fish is safe to eat after the oil spill or if our fish supply is still contaminated. Dr Oz’s segment was called “The Pulse” where Dr. Donnica Moore, an ObGyn, Dr. Janet Taylor, a psychiatrist and Dr. Corey Hebert, a pediatrician, all discussed different medical issues people are facing. safety of fish after oil spill

After seeing the massive crude oil spill and all of the damage done to wildlife, I have to admit that I have been reluctant to eat fish from the gulf – even today.  Back when the oil spill happened, the government closed fishing for 90,000 square miles, but the area has slowly been opened back up and is said to be safe today for fishing.


  1. Miller says

    It has been months and I am still worried and with all the recent fish and bird deaths I am grateful I am this way. I would feel much safer consuming fish if my heath care provider was at my table as well.

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