Dr Oz: Is Kissing Your Dog Safe? Why Dogs Drag Butts On Carpets?

Dr Oz Are Your Pet’s Bad Habits Affecting Your Health

Dr Oz: Pet’s Bad Habits

Are you getting sick from your pet’s bad habits?  Doctor Oz was joined by Dr Marty Becker, America’s Veterinarian and Dr Oz’s Core Team Member, to discuss if your pet’s bad habits can make you sick.  Dr Becker said that pets used to eat in a kennel and sleep outside, but now that they eat in our kitchens and sleep in our beds, we have to be a bit more cautious than before.

Dr Oz: Is Kissing Your Dog Bad For You?

Dr Oz’s first guest asked Dr Marty Becker if it is safe that her dog jumps up and kisses her on the mouth when she comes Dr Oz Bad Pet Habitshome everyday.  Dr Becker said that this is fine because you cannot get a cold, kissing disease or cold sores from kissing your dog on the mouth.  However, if you have a wound, you do not want the dog to lick that.  Dr Oz said that they learned in medical school that a human bite is much worse than a dog bite.  Dr Becker did stress that people should keep their dogs vaccinated to help protect everyone (including the dog).

Dr Oz: Dirty Cat Paws

Dr Oz’s next guest said that her cat goes outside and hunts around, and then comes back inside and won’t let anyone wash her.  Is this a problem?  Dr Marty Becker said that this is a problem, because cats can step on feces, urine or other things while outside, and then when they come inside and  jump up on the kitchen counter or kitchen table (which is something that dogs generally don’t do), then you get the germs from their paws on your surfaces.  Dr Becker suggested using Cat Paw Wipes to clean a cat’s paws as soon as they come in from outside, and of course you should keep your cat up-to-date with her vaccines as well.

Dr Oz: Dog Drags Butt On Carpet

Dr Oz’s final guest said that her dog rubs her butt across the carpet lately, and it can happen at any time without warning, which is embarrassing in front of guests.  Her dog was a service dog for people with seizures, and she generally looked like a very well behaved dog.  Dr Becker said that when dogs drag their butts on carpet, it is not generally a problem.  It could be colitis or fecal matter attached to the hairs around your dog’s anus, but you should go to your vet to get an accurate diagnosis.  Dr Becker said that the only problem is if you have a young child who might eat off the ground.  But to me this means that your dog must be getting germs or particles of feces on the ground, otherwise Becker would not have said that last comment… and frankly, even without young kids, the concept of feces on my carpet does seem like a problem!

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