Dr Oz: Is My Husband a Health Hazard of Just Annoying?


Dr Oz did a segment called “Is My Husband a Health Hazard of Just Annoying” to answer all of the questions we have been dying to know.  It is unhealthy to clip toenails in bed?  Or to drink from the milk carton?  Or to leave dirty clothes all over the house?  Or to listen to the TV loud while screaming at the TV? Doctor Oz answered all of these questions!Dr Oz Screaming at the TV

Dr Oz: Cutting Toenails in Bed: Health Hazard?

Dr Oz said that cutting toenails while in bed is just annoying.  As gross as it seems (and I would be furious with my husband if he did this!), toenails have three types of fungus and 15% of people have one of these fungus growing on their nails right now even if they are not aware of it.  However, clipped nails are harmless unless they get into your body like through your eyes, mouth, or by poking into your skin.

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