Dr. Oz: Is Reincarnation Real? The Boy Who Believes He’s Lived Before


Dr. Oz: Is Reincarnation Real?

Dr. Oz talked about Ryan Hammons, who began having visions at just 4 years old of his “past life”. They were memories of someone who died before he was born. Ryan is convinced he lived another life and that reincarnation exists.

In 2009, Ryan started telling his mother Cyndi tales of his past life. He insisted he’d been alive before and wanted to leave his Oklahoma home and visit his “other family” in Hollywood. He had no other family in Hollywood, but he described living on a Los Angeles street that had the word “rock” in it. He also recalled being a dancer in the 1920s and moving to Hollywood in the heydey of the silver screen. He remembered acting alongside Mae West and almost getting pummeled for chatting up Marilyn Monroe.

Dr. Oz: Discovering the Life He’d Lived Before

Dr. Oz: Is Reincarnation Real? The Boy Who Believes He's Lived Before

Dr. Oz talked to Ryan Hammons, a young boy who believes he lived before in the heyday of Hollywood as a man named Marty Martin. Is reincarnation real? (simpleinsomnia / flickr)


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